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Shooting fish. Fishing videos: pike, tench, perch, bream, other. Pike, bream, carp, carp. Fishing video tips: fishing at different times of the year, bait, equipment, useful information. The following video about fishing appears on the inserts after viewing.
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Golden and silver carp - description, habitat, behavior. Fishing for carp - bait, lure, cap. Fishing videos fishing for carp, fishing secrets.
Fishing for carp (crucian)

The pike.
Pike are the most common object of fishing. Color may vary depending on the conditions of its habitat. Back darker, lighter sides. Can be held in various locations of reservoirs. Prefers shallow water in ponds, lakes, thickets of aquatic plants, driftwood, shadow. Large pike are kept in deeper places in rivers. While hunting is often seen standing in one place waiting for a victim. With the onset of cold weather in October, November, pike goes on deep water. In early spring (March, April) the pike is on the shallow water bays, flood plains, in places suitable for spawning. Spawning begins when the temperature of 4-6 With, most intensively during 7-13 C. Eats pike those fish in this pond there. Feeding intensity is different at different times of the day. Typically the maximum intensity in the second half of the day. In General, females pike grow faster than males. In the Dnieper river pike age 10-12 years have usually a length of 110 cm and a weight up to 15 kg.
At the bottom of the video underwater pike.
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The fishing. Fishing by different gear - spinning, tackle, trolling, baits and other Biting has increased dramatically since the beginning of August until the freezing of the water and at this time the pike a good way to catch a different tackle. Pike usually much better caught on live bait, and not different baits, lures, etc.

Video 1. Fishing for pike in the spring
Video 2. Pike under water
Video 3. Trout, fishing.
Video 4. Fishing for carp
Video 5. Fishing for bream
Video 6. Talk about fishing
Video 1. Fishing: fishing for pike in the spring with different lures. Underwater camera:
Video 2. At the bottom of the video underwater pike:
Video 3. Trout, fishing. Trout fishing in fly fishing.  Some of the best:
Video 4. Fishing for carp. Underwater camera video:
Video 5. Fishing for bream. Tips for bait, the bait. In early summer bream well caught at shallow depths, and by the fall in deeper areas (up to 3 meters). Fishing as nozzles is better to use earthworms, larvae of various insects. For the bait, and the bait used Motyl, worms cuffs rolled clay balls.
Bream. Fishing for bream video:
Video 6. Talk about fishing. Fishing video - pike fishing. Fishing at different times of the year, a variety of tackle, lures and their application, tips for attaching lures, lot of other useful information about fishing.
The pike fishing.
There are different ways of pike fishing: fishing spinning reel, group gear, fishing, baits, etc. by using a spinning, you can start to fish in the spring after the flood, when the water becomes light. (See videos about fishing No. 1). In rivers it is caught in the morning and evening, and in the lakes almost throughout the day. In mid-summer, Jordan pike stops, and since August is resumed and increased. She caught on a variety of tackle and the nozzle until the ice.
At different times of the year fishing for pike can be successful on a variety of baits. It is noticed that in the spring of better fishing with spinner baits, fall - on oscillating. There is an opinion that the pike is better caught on live bait than on a spoon. However, the range of modern lures are so wide and the quality of their appearance is such that the pike difficult to understand. If possible you should try different baits. Video about fishing top tips from experienced fishermen fishing for pike .
Depending on tackle and fishing line for fishing use thick enough to 0.6 - 0.8 mm, hooks No. 8-12, leashes made of steel wire (pike can be a line).

Video: PIKE Fishing Tips - Float Trolling:

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