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The fishing. On the location of fishing

Without the ability to choose the right place for fishing, the impossible is a good catch. Despite the wide variety of modern tools for catching fish (perfect rods, spinning rods, fishing line, bait, and so on) the determination of the place where the fishing is crucial.
Fishing depends largely on the experience of the fisherman, knowledge of the water body, vegetation, depth, bottom conditions, water currents.
In rivers flowing across the plain bottom, as a rule, without sharp changes of elevation and flow velocity in mountain rivers or rivers hilly terrain often abrupt changes in water depth, current velocity. In meandering rivers of water can undermine the shore, forming a sharp increase in depth, blurring the soil can create on the opposite side of shoals, lagoons, sand wash, Islands.

In rivers flowing through forest areas, rivers with overgrown banks at the bottom can accumulate snags, stumps, sunken trees. In this location the flow rate slows down, and here, as a rule, keep predatory fish - pike, perch, pike, which use such places to attack small fish.
When deciding where it will be fishing, you need to check the depth, to explore the bottom, take a few test casts, try different lures, bait, bait, preferably several fishing gear.

The approximate depth is determined by the vegetation in the water near the shore. At a depth of up to 2 meters grow well reed, sedge, pondweed, cattail, lake cane. White water lilies grow at depths of up to 3 m, to a depth of 4 m can grow Urut, Ceratophyllum. At greater depths vegetation, usually no, sometimes filamentous algae.

On the rivers rapidly over the shallow areas often changed to slow with large depths. Fast current (rifts) in search of food may come in different fish and it is very comfortable to fish with povadkoy. On the wide stretches of deep, slow flowing or standing water with a little depth there are large pike and other predatory fish, feeding on smaller fish such loving shallows of warm water.
Often fish at the place, where there was a fisherman. In this case it is better to use the bait and the nozzle, as its predecessor, as the fish have used to it. To establish the type of bait you can balance it on the shore. For fishing it is necessary to choose sites with minimal access wind. The choice of fishing area is determined by the presence of those or other gear.

In rivers, in which a small flow rate, the majority of people living in them well caught fish for rolling in the deep pits and the tranquil backwaters and bays are moderately overgrown various benthic and emergent vegetation.
Good fishing spots near various snags, fallen trees, large rocks, stones and snags on the bottom. Attract fish water below dams, bridges, gateways, various supports, ferries.

In the area of human settlements good fishing around piers, ships, towers, dams and various hydraulic structures, if permitted here fishing.
Good fishing can be quiet yet not deep lakes, floodplains and lagoons rivers, oxbow lakes, glades vegetation in shallow water.
In stagnant water (lakes, ponds and other bodies of water) very good fishing in places coastal holes, snags on the depth of the gaps from the bushes at the bottom.
Need to know what fish are usually kept and find food and shelter in the thickets of pondweeds, water lilies and avoids hornwort, lineages.

Fishing for carp (crucian)
Fishing for carp begins with early blooming cherry, before spawning. The closer the spawning, the better bite and fishing. At this time, good fishing rods. Silver carp prefers the manure worm, and also takes on maggots, mashed bread with cheese or potatoes, pastry scented additives. Fishing the Golden carp is almost on the same bait. Karas loves throttled worm, therefore, as a rule, fishermen when nailene crush the tail. Catching large carp better on familiar food - crab meat, the larvae of mayflies and dragonflies, stoneflies, maggots, beetles, bivalve shell. The best bite for the Zori. Carp are very sensitive to changes in weather.

Six weeks after the start of the spawning occurs in the second period of catching carp (the height of the hay). Not bad fishing for carp and during the Indian summer. Next, the colder the worse fishing for carp. Usually the bite stops with the advent of the ice near the coast.
Designated fishing: open and glades among the algae. Preference: green, blue green algae, horsetail, Potamogeton.
Bait the carp takes slow, so no need to rush to strike. When fishing on vegetable nozzle must strike at the beginning of the bite (the first movement of the float). Fishing for carp is carried out usually at a depth of a little over one meter. Most use the float rod, the rod length is more than 4 m, the forest diameter 0.3-0.35 mm, hooks no larger than No. 6 with direct bending and short forearm.

Figure: 1 - Golden carp, 2 - Silver carp

Bottom: carp Fishing video. Secrets to catching carp

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