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RUSSIA. Baikal

In the new gun Izhevsk mechanical plant Baikal MP-155 retains all the best qualities of the previous model - MP-153.
The new model is distinguished by:
Х reduced weight due to the placement of the adjustment mechanism of the pulse motor control in the gas piston (which simultaneously improved the balance of the shotgun) and use a lightweight rear sight (arch type);
Х reduced length of the receiver modifications chambered 12/76 (which provided additional weight reduction);
Х shotgun improved ergonomics by:
- new design of head-absorber,
- adjustable lowering the comb of the stock due to the replacement inserts between the buttstock and receiver,
- improved design USM (reduced speed trigger increased button sizes fuse).
Shotgun Baikal MP-155 has found a new consumer properties:
Х Shotgun designed for left-handed shooters,
Х Extra sighting devices (optical or bore sights),
Х The possibility of setting additional trunk without metal fitting in terms of the repair shop.
Х Design a shotgun entered a cutoff mechanism that allows you to disable the flow of the store and quickly shot another bullet, than those which filled the store.
Features shotgun Baikal MP-155
Caliber: 12/76
Smooth-bore weapons: Semi automatic
System recharge shotgun MP-155: Venting
Trunk (characteristics): 75 cm (610, 660, 710, 750)
Butt (bed): Walnut
Overall length shotgun: 130 cm
Weight shotgun: 3.25 kg
Number of cartridges: 4
Design store: under-barrel tubular
Sights: rear Sight plank with front sight
Packing List: Passport. Interchangeable chokes - IC (0,25); M (0,5); F (1,0) and the key to him.
Manufacturer semi auto shotgun : Baikal
Baikal mp 155 price in Russia: 400-500 $
The main differences between semi auto shotgun Baikal MP-155 vs MP-153:
Compared shotgun with Baikal MP-153, in the new model Baikal MP-155 reduced the weight by placing the adjustment mechanism pulse motor automation in the gas piston and use a lightweight rear sight arch type. Weight loss MP-155 also contributed to the reduced length of the receiver modifications chambered 12/76. The ergonomics of the shotgun MP-155: new design butt pad-absorber, the opportunity to adjust to the lowering of the crest of the butt due to the removable liners between the buttstock and receiver, improved design PFM ( percussion firing mechanism) - reduced trigger creep, increased button sizes of the fuse.
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