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The MTs 20-01 rifle (MC 20-01)

The MTs 20-01 (MC 20-01) rifle (shotgun) is a hunting rifle that was created back in the 60s. It was created specifically for commercial hunting. The weapon had a large number of advantages, which included low cost, efficiency and reliability. Thanks to such qualities, the tool became widely known and popular almost immediately after going on sale. At that time, 80% of all animals hunted were extracted with the help of MTs 20-01.
The MTs 20-01 rifle was produced from the 60s to 1971. After a break, a new, improved model of this type of hunting weapon went on sale. The upgraded MTs 20-01 weapon went on sale in 1979.

Technical specifications
The improved model of the MTs 20-01 weapon is produced with different calibers. There are three types of such calibers in total Ц 32, 28, 20.

MTs 20-01 Ц characteristics:
The total weight of the model is 2.8 kg;
The total length of the weapon is 1150 mm;
The length of the barrel of the weapon is 600 mm;
The length of the sighting line is 610 mm;
The starting force is less than 2 kg.

Features of hunting with MTs 20-01
The peculiarity of this gun and hunting with it is considered to be the presence of a variety of calibers that it can shoot. Although the most popular is still the caliber of 20 mm. It is this type of ammunition that is best suited for performing commercial hunting tasks. Despite the fact that the weapon was conceived as universal.

When choosing the MTs-20-01 rifle, you should pay attention to some details of the gun.
The barrel of the gun should be perfectly smooth, not have bloats and dents. The internal chrome plating of the barrel and chamber should be without any damage.
Pay attention to the muzzle of the gun, it should also be in perfect condition, the walls of the barrel should be the same thickness. The muzzle constriction should be perfectly round, without any traces of ovality.
The bolt of the gun should move smoothly, without jamming, the sleeve should be abruptly thrown out of the ammunition supply window.
The magazine must be clearly fixed with two latches, not falling off with any movement.
Hunting Shotguns MC 20-01

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