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The novice hunter, shooter. As well as experienced. How to lead swing and aim at ducks. How to lead ducks, Shooting ducks. Shooting at a moving target from shot guns and select the aiming point. Aiming, Aimpoint, pre-emption, the choice of pre-emption. How to lead swing and aim at ducks.
Aiming when firing the shot from a hunting shotgun (rifle) at a moving target (pre-emption, Aimpoint when shooting). Video

Aiming, Aimpoint shooting at a moving target from shot guns (hunting rifle) and select the aiming point. Pre-emption when shooting, accounting, personal errors. Considered moving fraction in a vertical plane, shooting accuracy. Graphics, size of pre-emption, the aiming point. Useful video on aiming when shooting at a moving target flying duck.

Hunting usually have to shoot at a moving target. For novice hunters one of the main causes of failures in this shooting is the wrong choice of pre-emption or shooting without notice. In the following article briefly describes the method of selection of lead.

It is known that when firing at a moving target point you want to move (select) in front of the direction of motion. The distance from the target to the aiming point is called prefetch. Pre-emption when firing due to the fact that during the flight of the fraction to the target, the target moves at a certain distance. In addition, since the adoption of the hunter decision to shoot before you press the shutter goes about 0.15-0.35 seconds (so-called personal error). The amount of lead depends on the speed of movement of the target, the speed of the projectile (shot by firing the shot from a hunting rifle), method of shooting with povadkoy or with a fixed gun. When shooting with povadkoy (movement of the gun and correspondingly moving the aiming point ahead of the target) is excluded personal error and the magnitude of pre-emption less. As a rule, most hunters shoot with povadkoy, if it is possible to make the aiming, otherwise throwing intuitively defining point.

It should be mentioned that the above information is useful for understanding the need to take proactive when firing at moving targets and understanding of the values of pre-emption. In practice, when hunting is difficult to quickly and accurately determine (calculate) the value of pre-emption, as one and the same game can move at different speeds, different angles, different distances, there is no time for calculation of pre-emption. A reasonably accurate determination of the aiming point comes with experience.
How to lead swing and aim at ducks. How to lead ducks, Shooting ducks.

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