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Double-barreled shotgun with vertical barrels Baikal MP-27
The most popular classic gun Izhevsk mechanical plant, enjoying an excellent reputation among hunters professionals and Amateurs. Over 30 years of serial production produced more than 1.5 million rifles, constructive solutions developed to the highest level of reliability. Possessing a beautiful balance, a stable fight, simple and reliable design, the shotgun Baikal MP-27 its technical features and operational characteristics corresponds to the shotguns higher price classes.

For shotgun Baikal MP-27M characterized by easy handling and a high degree of security provided:

- shotgun MP-27M manufacture of barrels of high quality barrel steel;
- chrome plating channels and chambers for enhanced corrosion resistance;
- shotgun MP-27M simple and reliable design of the locking mechanism;
- the possibility of unaccented slope trigger;
- the construction shotgun MP-27M of the lock that blocks the sear and having additional perechityvali triggers;
- system MP-27M test the strength of the shafts and locking mechanism according to the standards of the Permanent international Commission for firearms testing.

Stable accuracy of fire is provided by the use of permanent muzzle narrowing or removable muzzle attachments for different purposes. The material of the forearm and butt - high-quality walnut, beech. A wide range of modifications and versions of the shotgun Baikal MP-27M will satisfy the most discerning consumer will choose the gun with different consumer characteristics for different types of hunting, sport shooting and so on.
Manufacturer shotguns MP-27M: Baikal
The product MP-27M is the winner of the contest "100 best goods of Russia" in 2003.
Prices shotgun Baikal MP-27 (IZH-27) in Russia: 300-400 $


At the bottom of the video review of the IZH-27 (Baikal MP-27) hunting shotgun, the use of hunting:
Fishing videos: pike, tench, perch, bream, other.

Fishing video
Compare hunting shotguns TOZ-34 and Baikal MP-27:
Shooting from a hunting double-barreled shotgun Baikal MP-27 (IZH-27). Duck with hunting MP 27 Russian shotguns:
The scheme of the mechanisms of the rifle MP-27
The scheme of the mechanisms of the rifle MP-27:
1 - Extractor, 2 - Upper striker, 3 - Pad, 4 - Locking lever axis, 5 - Locking lever, 6 - Lower bottom, 7 - Engine, 8 - Trigger, 9 - Sear, 10 - Fuse base, 11 - Fuse spring , 12 - fuse button, 13 - fuse, 14 - fighting spring, 15 - trigger guard, 16 - descent left, 17 - draft, 18 - spring of combat, 19 - right release, 20 - interceptor spring, 21 - interceptor, 22 - lock bar, 23 - larva, 24 - return spring, 25 - lock bar delay, 26 - pusher, 27 - hinge axis, 28 - cocker, 29 - hinge, 30 - forearm
Birch branch
Shotgun IZH 27
Shotgun. Hunting gun MP 27
Shotgun. Gun IJ-27