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Shotgun IZH-43 (MP-43). Baikal, Russia

The IZH-43 (MP-43) is the most popular smoothbore rifle with horizontally paired barrels produced by the Izhevsk mechanical plant. The design of the gun is based on the rifle IZH-58, which in turn is based on the rifle IZH-54. Produced for more than 30 years.

The IZH-43 rifle was created on the basis of the well-known IZH-58 rifle, which in turn was created on the basis of a good-quality, but too expensive for the Soviet hunter rifle IZH-54.

Design work on the creation of a new rifle IZH-43, began in 1984, and in 1986 began its mass production.
The reliability of the IZH-43 rifle has significantly increased, the guaranteed firing range of the rifle according to the passport has become at least 15,000 shots.

The IZH-43 rifle was awarded the Gold medal of the Leipzig fair in 1986.
From 1986 to 1995, the plant produced about 300,000 IZH-43 rifles.
Since 2004, Izhevsk mechanical plant under contract with the American company "Remington Arms" sells the rifle IZH-43 in the United States under the name Remington Spartan 220 and the gun IZH-43-1C under the name Remington Spartan 210.
Since 2008, the Izhevsk mechanical plant has switched to a new marking of its weapons, the IZH-43 rifle was renamed the MP-43.

Technical parameters
Type: smoothbore shotgun
Number of barrels: two
Location of barrels: horizontal
Caliber: 12, 16, 20, 28, 32, .Four hundred ten
Barrel length: 510, 660 ,720, 750 mm
Bore diameter: 18.4 mm
The length of the chamber: 70, 76 mm
Gun length: no more than 1300 mm
Gun weight: 3.6 kg

The IZH-43 rifle (MP-43) is a double-barreled shotgun with a horizontal arrangement of barrels. The barrels are removable, connected to each other by a sighting and lower bars, and in the breech are pressed into the coupling. Barrels can be both with permanent muzzle constrictions (most often the right barrel with a muzzle constriction of the pay, 0.5 mm, the left barrel with a muzzle constriction of the Chok, 1.0 mm), and with interchangeable muzzle constrictions.
The length of the barrels can be from 510 to 750 mm, 750 mm long barrels can only be 12 caliber, the rest of the maximum length of the barrels 710 mm.
The IZH-43 (MP-43) rifle has a chamber length of either 70 mm or 76 mm for guns designed for firing Magnum cartridges. The IZH-43 (MP-43) 16-caliber guns have a chamber length of 70 mm.
Guns IZH-43 (MP-43) 20 caliber can have a chamber length of both 70 and 76 mm. Guns IZH-43 (Mr-43) 28, 32 caliber have a chamber length of 70 mm. Guns IZH-43 (MP-43).410 caliber have a chamber length of 76 mm. Guns .410 calibers may have permanent muzzle constrictions of either 0.25 and 0.5 mm, or 0.75 and 1.0 mm.
The sighting bar has a corrugation to eliminate glare that interfere with shooting. At the end of the sighting bar there is a bronze front sight.
Shot cartridges are removed from the chamber either by a pusher (extractor), or in the model IZH-43E (MP-43E) using an ejector (automatic ejector).

For more than thirty years of production of the rifle IZH-43 (MP-43), the plant produced a gun in various modifications and versions:
IZH-43 (MP-43)-the basic modification of the gun, produced since 1986, since 2008 became known as the MP-43.
IZH-43E (MP-43E) - modification of the gun, equipped with a selective ejector type.
The basic version is equipped with a switchable ejector of the selective type, which when opening the barrels extracts only the spent cartridge, the whole cartridge is not fired remains in the barrel, which is convenient when you need to quickly reload the gun;

IZH-43M-modification of the gun produced by the factory for some time, identical to the basic modification of the gun
IZH-43EM-variant of IZH-43M with ejector
IZH-43-1C (MP-43-1C) - modification of the gun with a shock-trigger mechanism with a single trigger, the switch sequence of shots is located at the top of the trigger.
IZH-43E-1C (MP-43E-1C)-modification of the gun with a shock-trigger mechanism with a single trigger and ejector.
IZH-43K (MP-43K) - modification of the gun with false triggers, which are the platoons of internal triggers, popular among fans of historical guns.
IZH-43KN (MP-43KN) - variant of the IZH-43 with full external triggers
All modifications are made in serial, piece and export versions. The weapon in export execution has a marking on the gun and the passport in English.

The gun in the piece version was assembled with finishing every detail, engraving, with the installation of side decorative plates.
Currently, the plant produces souvenir guns MP-43 series: "Prestige", "De Luxe", "Exclusive", "Collector's". Souvenir guns are decorated with hand-engraved, decorated with precious metals.

The main advantage of the IZH-43 (MP-43) is the low cost of the gun with a fairly good quality. A hunter can buy both a new MP-43 rifle in a gun shop, and a second-hand gun in excellent condition for 6-9 thousand rubles.
The design of the gun is simple and reliable, the gun is unpretentious in operation, easy to disassemble, easy to repair.
With correctly selected cartridges, the gun shows good accuracy and sharpness of the shot.
The gun has a good balance, it is easy to throw up and has a good handgun.
Good safety of the gun is provided by the presence of a fuse and the design of the trigger mechanism that excludes the production of an accidental shot.

IZH-43 (MP-43). Overview, shooting, results, conclusions. Video:
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Shotgun IZH-43 (MP-43)