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  Probably the most accessible and therefore the most popular hunts are hunting for duck and rabbit. What is more, on the territory of CIS countries this game is the most numerous and different types of it are distributed with varying density almost the entire territory of these countries. Methods of hunting are very diverse and depend on the time of year, weather conditions in the area, weather and other These methods in the most well-known and described in numerous hunting literature - books, magazines, almanacs, reference books.
   Duck hunt is conducted from late summer to late autumn (summer-autumn season) and the drakes in the spring (where it is allowed). The essence is to shoot in the morning and evening flights, daily, brodova, with the entrance, and stuffed with podsadnym. Almost always a great help can have a well trained dog.
   Hunting for rabbits even more diverse. This hunting with hounds, tracking after porosi winter, battue, ambush, and other.
   Portal published the most common ways the above hunts. Describes the hunting of other species of game birds, fur-bearing animals, ungulates.

Waterfowl. Duck hunt.

Speaking about hunting waterfowl, meant in the first place duck hunt. Such hunting is the most popular and common. For ducks, there are several ways of hunting: hunting for morning and evening flights, hunting tent with stuffed animals, hunting from a boat, hunting approach, in shallow water and other.

The most popular hunting farms is duck hunt on the morning and evening duck flight, when the birds after sunset, flying from the field days on feed, and in the morning, before dawn, flying from the feeding grounds in designated days. These flyways and built huts or hidden places for hunters.

Duck flock, before sitting down on the aft place, usually makes two or three circles, gradually reducing. The approaching flocks to the place of feeding begins after some 15-20 minutes after sunset and lasts for 20-30 minutes, after which arrive almost stops, and they only singles or someone disturbed the birds. Sometimes the approach continues ...

Hunting the hare
Hunting the hare carried the following main ways: hunting with lift, with the hounds on the trail after a snowfall and ambush.

Hunting with a lift. Hunting with lift is successful at sufficiently high densities of hares. As a rule, such hunting is conducted team of hunters. Hunters, forming a semi-circle, go places alleged habitats and birds, raising them from day lying down, shoot. Situ hares on a day of rest depends on many factors - weather, terrain, such as agricultural crops and others. For example, in wet rainy weather scare birds falling from the leaves and twigs of a drop of water, and at this time they are moving to the relatively open space. As a rule, the place of occurrence of the characteristic determined in the course of the hunt. On the hunt with lift plays an important role and a good knowledge of hunters land where prey.

On the hunt tend to use cartridges with shot №1.
Hunting with hounds. This is a very exciting and beautiful hunting. One of the main tasks for hunting hares with hounds is to raise the hare. To do this, you can make noise, shout, cheer dogs. After the hare raised noise should stop and choose the most likely place stroke hare. Sometimes this requires rush that must be done carefully, trying not to make noise.

Hare on the natural features of trying to run around (almost one and the Well places) and tend to be returned ...

Wild boar and the hunt for him

In autumn, the first time hunting wild boar, while the fields are not harvested crop, boars are most often found in the vicinity of the crops on forest edges. Later move deeper into the forest, closer to the natural forage base. In times of heavy snowfall, course, shelter, often a few days remain in one area, without departing from further maturation 30-40 m Summer lairs of wild boar are most often found in damp ravines or gullies overgrown with grass and bushes in the shade of spruce and pine, where poorly penetrate the sun's rays. Lairs in the mud and maturation proselyte water, you can see in the habitats of wild boars almost everywhere, where only conditions allow. Asylum wild boar is called a den, nest.
Pregnant females and females with cubs take great care of the nest, lined...

Elk, moose hunting

   Most spread hunting for moose battue, surge, hunting moose with huskies. The following are the main features of such a hunt.
   Elk is one of the largest animals. The average live weight of about 200 kg moose, although there are much larger individuals. Food moose in spring and summer - the young shoots and leaves of willow, aspen, ash, birch young; winter - the young shoots of aspen and juniper. Willingly moose - scraped bark of fallen aspen and fleecing the moss from the trees. Winter elk ...


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