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Hunting for goose in spring in Russia
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Hunting for goose in the spring for many hunters remains a dream, and goose - a trophy tempting and almost inaccessible. And soon may completely unavailable. Supporters of the ban on goose hunting in the spring argue that the spring goose hunting is brought to us from the North, where it is practiced by natives, for whom the mass harvesting of birds in the spring and during the summer molting is a matter of survival. Yes, the fact that the goose is distinguished from the gander is almost impossible. Opponents of goose hunting try to convince society that the spring hunting for geese is not among the correct Russian hunting, forgetting that many classics who loved and respected nature, including hunting for geese in the spring.

All the wild geese belong to the order Anseriformes. In Russia there are 58 species of geese. Of these, 17 species scientists refer to the subfamily of quill and 41 to the subfamily of the duck. To the goose subfamily includes three genus - swans, geese and geese.
The family of geese are eight species: Greylag goose, bean goose, white-fronted goose, piskulka (lesser white-fronted goose), Swan goose, belosa, mountain goose and a white goose.
To the genus of geese nesting in Russia include four species: red-throated, black, white and canadian (in small amounts).
In biology geese, external the form of and behavior more in common, than differences. Flying geese fast, in the range of 70 - 90 km/h, but at high altitude they can fly and with greater speed. Geese is able to rise beyond the clouds. It is hard to imagine how geese overcome the Himalayas.

Until recently, the main objects of hunting was grey goose and greater white-fronted goose and bean goose. However during spring hunting it is forbidden to hunt gray goose (according to the Order of Ministry of natural resources of Russia of 04.09.2014 N 383):

Grey goose lives mostly in the southern part of Russia. In the European part - from the forest zone in the North to the semi-deserts in the South. In Western Siberia, from the Yenisei river to the Ussuri river. The main stocks of gray goose are concentrated in the Volga Delta.
White-fronted goose breeds in the tundra zone from the Kanin Peninsula, on the Islands of Novaya Zemlya to Chukotka, inclusive.
Goose, the bean goose it nests in the waters of tundra and taiga from the Kola Peninsula to Chukotka and further South to the Amur and Altai.
Nesting geese on water bodies or in close proximity to them. They nazemosadat birds and a great part of life spend on earth. Geese are monogamous, pairs are formed, usually in the wintering period. Geese become sexually Mature in the third or fourth year of life. Their Chicks hatched from eggs and barely dried up, almost immediately begin to move and feed on their own. The goslings grow under the supervision of their parents and somewhere in the middle of August are on the wing. Molting in geese occurs once a year. During molting birds lose their ability to fly. This is based on the most barbarous way of hunting natives when they stick hammered geese, massively harvesting them for the winter. The duration of molting geese is not more than 20 - 30 days. Goose bird public, outside of the brood period is always kept in flocks. Usually geese flocks fly to feed and back to the site days or nights. Each flock tries to fly in such a way as to see a flying jamb ahead. If flying in front of a flock of geese for any reason begins to gain altitude or flies around some place, about the same maneuver performs and the next flock behind it. It is possible to assume that from these habits also the collective ability of use of air and land space develops that, in turn, allows geese to avoid danger and to find fodder places.

Russia banned hunting of the following species of geese: piskulka, Swan goose, belosa, mountain and white geese. Hunting is prohibited, and they are listed in the Red list of Russia. Hunting for black and white-cheeked barracks is also prohibited, they are also red book birds. And according to the Order of Ministry of natural resources of Russia of 04.09.2014 N 383 now during spring hunting it is impossible to hunt and gray goose.

Spring goose hunting-preparation
Goose hunting in Russia at this moment in the spring when ghosi return from wintering grounds to breeding grounds. Spring hunting for goose and other feathered game lasts no more than 10 days and is limited by the number of geese the hunter can get.
Hunting geese in the spring for hunter's hard work: search the places of hunting, the digging of trenches to the bloody blisters and the device other hideouts, pulling yourself equipment profiles, stuffed in addition to full satisfaction - pood of dirt boots. Agree, not every hunter is on the shoulder. To the above, it should be added that the geese become stricter every year. To spring goose hunting was successful, you need at least a couple of days to come to the area of the upcoming hunt:

- find out the main directions of the flight geese feeding and returning them to rest;
- exploration, identification of locations for digging trenches and other equipment of shelters, usually takes at least a day;
- it is necessary to find and identify spare parts of hunting if you "overlaid" with a dense ring the other hunter to have happened like this, on a goose hunt it is advisable to leave a team of at least three to five people.
The main requirement for goose hunting is disguise. Goose-bird vigilant, observant and negligence in the preparation of hunting does not forgive.

Spring goose hunting-shelter
Shelters for successful spring goose hunting are equipped in the absence of geese on the field. It's better to do it at night. Day geese can accidentally detect hunters. Someone prefers the trenches, others prefer the trench in which they lie on their backs, waiting for the approach of the geese.
Trenches for spring hunting for goose should not stand out on the ground. Discarded land mask, the walls of the trench "dress" camouflage net, bundles of straw, grass, weeds. This needs to be done for two reasons. First, from a bird's-eye view, the trench looks like a black hole and stands out sharply against the General background - geese will immediately pay attention and your spring goose hunt may break. Second, in the spring of the trench wall oozing water, wet and dirty clothes. Sit in a trench so that the head stood out, and his eyes were barely above the parapet.
Arrange shelters for hunting for goose in the spring next to a pile of straw or hay, as well as in it, at the Bush, power lines should not. Geese will sit away from them and will be out of the shot.

Spring goose hunting - profiles and stuffed animals
Today is not a problem to buy profiles and stuffed animals for the spring goose hunt. If I had money. Well established in the goose hunting polukopchenye stuffed (shells). They are light, compact and most importantly - have a natural coloring. You can also buy for the spring hunting of goose, and become a stuffed animal that flaps its wings and flies in a circle, as if searching for a place where to sit down. Skilled hunters hunt goose with a homemade profiles.

How much stuffed and profiles on hunting geese in the spring? Spring goose hunting will be more successful if you use more stuffed animals and profiles. Optimal - 25 - 30 profiles, stuffed - dozen to the pack was impressive. It is recommended to arrange profiles or stuffed animals for goose hunting in groups of 5 - 6 pieces, with intervals between groups of 3 - 5 m, heads at sunrise, in quiet weather or in the wind. Goose profiles should be placed at some angle to each other, so that they can be seen from any direction of the geese. Expose profiles at a distance of 20-30 m from the trench, from the side opposite to the approach of geese, and taking into account the wind, sometimes around the trench, hiding behind them.

Spring hunting for goose- decoy
Decoy goose hunting - a necessary tool for the spring hunting of goose. Good decoy for goose in the right hands is half the battle. Electronic monkey is forbidden!
Spring goose hunting-tactics
In the shelter at the spring hunting of goose should prihodil dark. If the shelter ran on water - it should bail out. Useful pre-harvested straw or grass last year. It remains to wait and be patient. From the shelter do not come out, even if cold - according to the laws of meanness, in this moment can come the geese. Spring goose hunting will be effective if you brush up on the habits of geese. On the hunt for geese in the spring can happen a number of situations:
Geese fly around the field, on your profiles and stuffed do not pay attention and sit meters two hundred from the shelter. They should be scared. As the incoming pack will be without the detour to sit next to him.
Birds fly with a sharp wedge or broken line, talking - so looking for a place to sit. Give them the mating signal a decoy. Tabunok wrapped to your bogus. Now it all depends on the hunter. If the bunch passes close, the geese sometimes fly in silence. The hunter should refrain from working a decoy. Geese flew after them, you can send an invitation. It also happens that geese fly in 100 - 150 m. in Any case not beckon! Birds can catch the fake. In a situation when the geese to notice the falsity or concealment, is heard a rude and disturbing sound of a leader, the pack abruptly turns aside and leaves.
A flock of geese flies on a hunter. When approaching geese meters at 25 - 30 it is necessary to quickly stand up. To shoot standing still feel more comfortable. Geese begin to shout alarmingly, stray. Some birds abruptly take away in the sky, others aspire to fly around the hunter. Geese a lot, but don't shoot "a bunch" is almost always a sure miss. Aim and shoot only at a particular goose.
Guns and ammunition for goose hunting
Close up of a goose can knock out any gun, even a fraction № 7. But in the middle lane rarely have to shoot at 35 m. the Neighbors just won't allow it. Therefore, goose hunting is preferable to have the gun 12-gauge with a heap and a sharp fight. For a good semi-automatic hunting both imported and domestic MP-153 and old man MTs 21-12.

What kind of rounds and some buckshot to shoot a goose? Some prefer cartridges own equipment with fraction number 1 or 0 with a suspension of 40 g. This is for MTs 21-12, MP-153 and benellis. Import of semi-automatic machines it is better to apply ammunition factory equipment. The guns with cartridge chamber of 76 mm can be applied and the cartridges "Magnum". As he wrote M. Blum and Shishkin ("shotgun", ed. 1994): "Special equipment of cartridges and careful firing of the gun can achieve reliable fight on 40-45 m, and from the Magnum guns - on 50-55 m and even a little further". First of all, you need to grasp that the speed of both the primary and the aims of the pellets cartridge "Magnum" and the standard is about the same. On this side of the cartridge "Magnum" has advantages. But thanks to the increased mass of the projectile in 1,28-1,63 times the density of the fractional wasp also increases accordingly. At the distance of a shot of 35 m with a hinge fraction 32 g density shot talus is such that the carcass of the game gets the necessary 3-5 pellets of the appropriate numbers of fractions, and when firing the cartridge a "Magnum" at the same distance in the carcass will be about 6-8 pellets. Simple calculations show that when firing at a range increased by 1.5-1.6 times, the carcass will be the same necessary 3-5 shotguns. Therefore, when firing cartridge "Magnum" distance reliably defeat is increased to 55 m. Practice shooting and hunting these calculations are confirmed. And to get into a goose is already an art of the hunter.

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