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Spring hunting of 2016 in Russia

The opening and the timing of spring hunting in Russia 2016 year
In many regions of Russia have already known the date of opening and the timing of the spring hunting of 2016. In 2016 spring hunting will be open in most areas of Russia.
Opening a spring hunting are defined by the Ministry of natural resources and ecology of the Russian Federation from November 16, 2010 N 512 On approval of Rules of hunting:
p. 39. Hunting for feathery game is carried out from March 1 to June 16, within 10 calendar days (hereinafter - spring hunting)
The exact opening date and the timing of spring hunting in a particular region of Russia is best to learn in a particular hunting ground ( list of some ) or on the websites of the hunting grounds, sites of oblast (regional) administrations.

It should be recalled that currently prohibited spring hunting of grey geese – see Order of the Ministry of Russia dated 04.09.2014 N 383.
Spring hunting will not last more than 10 days.

Recall that according to the Rules of hunting in the Russian Federation:
Spring hunting is done exclusively on waterfowl and upland game.
the use of any of samolovov in the extraction of feathery game in the implementation of Amateur and sport hunting;
the use of electronic devices that mimic the sounds of hunting animals and other animals;
the use of any watercraft during the period of the spring hunting for harassment, stalking, searching, and (or) extraction of feathery game, except for the selection of the extracted game.
spring woodcock hunting on a morning draught;
in the period of spring hunting banned hunting from the approach, with the exception of grouse hunting on current;
hunting geese in the spring hunt (where the spring goose hunting prohibited - see the hunting Regulations clause 54.3.1-54.3.5)
hunting for game birds, during the spring hunting with dogs hunting breeds, hunting birds, except for the use of gun dogs to search for wounded birds game (wounded animal) and feed the extracted game birds;
hunting for females: ducks, wood grouse, black grouse during the spring hunting;
hunting for grouse, coots, moorhen, grey geese in the spring hunt.


Spring hunting for ducks geese begins with the appearance of the first signs of spring. In places of mass migration of ducks in a quiet backwater with dried up with torony under the protection of bushes or reeds to build a hut. Before the tent is put on a leash krakovo duck (a decoy), run down to the duck shoot tent.
Spring on the large spill out in a boat, disguised by branches under a tent with an open top. Using krakowas lure or duck decoy drakes and shoot them in flight.
On the spring hunting on geese is necessary to identify the location of their overnight stay, the path and time of flight to the feeding - back the rest. The path may not match. In the spring the geese change the route depending on the wind direction in the terrain with side winds, they fly around the hill on the leeward side, so the hide (camouflaged pits) and booths with an open top do possible changes of wind direction. Unlike autumn, in spring the geese fly relatively together. In the shallows, where the geese come back on a day's rest, before tent set goose profiles. On the spring hunting shot geese with shot No. 1, No. 0.
Spring hunting for feathery game is open in all countries. In Ukraine currently prohibited.

Video: Spring goose hunting

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