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Fishing videos: pike, tench, perch, bream, other.

Fishing video
Boar hunting video 2. Boar hunting with dogs. Wild boar attacks
Boar hunting video 3. Exciting driven hunts for wild boars in Belovezhskaya Pushcha - One of the last remaining virgin forests in Europe... :

Boar hunting video 4. Jagdterrier. Hunting boar:
Wild boar and the hunt for him. Boar hunting video
Wild boar similar to outbred pig, but much larger. Height at withers to 120 cm, weight: up to 240 kg Torso boar covered with very coarse, high (from yellow-gray to black) bristles with soft brownish podporu.
Pregnant females and females with cubs take great care of the nest, lined with dry grass and leaves. The location for shooting the boar selects in the most dense thickets, but sometimes you can currently apply and practice the following approved methods of hunting wild boars.
1. Hunting with dogs.
2. Battue hunting.
3. The approach Hunting, day and night.
Boar hunting video 1. Favourite Hunter moments. Clips from the Wild Boar Fever series, featuring sights from the Aimpoint® Hunter series.
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