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Description of breeds of hunting dogs. Hunting dog - hound, husky, pointer / setter, Terrier, other. The choice, content, winter duck hunting. Disease dogs, help with diseases. Drawings.
Hunting with a hunting dog in addition to more dobaczewski brings incomparable joy of watching a good dog, feeling the presence of a reliable assistant in the hunt, gives excitement and emotional intensity of the hunt. Therefore, as a rule, every hunter wants to buy a dog. The selection of dog it would be difficult. Not worth it to buy a purebred dog as a dog rarely get to do a good job on the hunt. Experienced hunters always get a purebred puppy with documents - pedigree, diplomas test manufacturers, information about participation in exhibitions, information about the practical work on the hunt.

Currently, there are following separation of species hunting dogs, pointers, hounds, huskies, burrowing, greyhounds. The choice of an attendant for hunting depends on your preferred type of game for hunting, opportunities to create conditions for dogs, natural conditions in the region.

Pointing dogs are used for hunting game birds. Its task is to find the bird, make a stand, to raise shot and submit a killed bird. Also pointer / setter should be able to find the wounded animal. Sometimes some breeds lehovich use on other hunts.

The main objects of hunting with hounds are the hare and the Fox, although using them for hunting wolf, wild boar, ROE deer and other Hound pursues raised the beast on the trail, and hunters have the opportunity, defining the voice of the stroke of the Gong, to intercept it.

Probably the most versatile hunting dog is a husky. They are often used for hunting almost any game. Of course, the dog may not compete, for example, with a pointer on the hunt for the bird, but it will help to raise the game to find the wounded animal. The main objects for hunting with Laika are the wild boar, bear, squirrel (ungulates and fur beast).

With burrowing hunt Fox, badger. Currently often used for hunting wild boar.
Greyhounds dogs have a high running speed, and they are able to open areas to catch the hare, the Fox. This feature greyhounds are fans of this kind of hunting.

Hunting dogs must be registered in accordance with rules established by the local authorities. Additionally, dogs are taken into account in hunting societies. The presence of hunting dogs gives some advantages to the hunter and the earlier resolution on the opening of the hunting season.

It must be borne in mind that the contents of hunting dogs imposes certain responsibilities on the hunter, and as necessary, control the movement of the dog. Dogs wandering without an owner, can be captured as neglected, the owner may be fined. The race, training, winter duck hunting dogs must be carried out in the special conditions, otherwise the presence of dogs in hunting area can be equated to poaching.
The main breeds of hunting dogs:
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