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The West Siberian Husky
The East Siberian Husky
Hunting dogs. Husky
The dog is used for hunting squirrels, marten, sable, ermine, weasel, the polecat, mink, raccoon dog, bear, lynx, elk, musk deer, wild boar, grouse, black grouse and other game animals. In recent years, the huskies began to dissolve, Amateur hunters in the Central and southern regions of the USSR. Likes hardy, energetic and agile dog with a balanced type of behavior, a highly developed hunting reflex and an indicative response. Well-developed sense of smell, hearing and sight. The tail is banded ring, or sickle on the back or pressed against the thigh. The fur is thick, rough straight guard hair. The undercoat is short, dense, soft and lush.
Husky is looking for a beast or a bird, and finding them oblivaet, diverting the attention of the animal and trying to detain him until the arrival of the hunter. When hunting for ermine, polecat, mink and otter Laika often she catches animal on earth, in the water or digs the hole and crushes him. When hunting for ducks, the dog finds them and vypivaet within shot and killed a bird or wounded games brings a host.

Russo-European Husky. Widespread in the Northern forest zone of the European part of the RSFSR. Coat black, brown, gray, all shades of yellow, white and fawn, Pets spots on the limbs. Head moderately wedge-shaped. The transition from forehead to muzzle is smooth. Ears erect, dense, muscular, have the shape of a triangle with a broad base, vertex sharp or slightly rounded. Eyes dark, slightly elongated. Typical gait at work - gallop, sometimes interspersed trot.
The West Siberian Husky. Common in the forest zone of Western Siberia and the Urals to the Yenisei inclusive. Coat, like the Russo-European Husky. The head is wedge. Eyes dark, elongated shape. The outer corners of the eye is much higher than domestic. There are dogs that hold the tail is lowered - a log that is allowed. Typical gait at work - gallop, interspersed trot.
The East Siberian Husky. Common in the forest zone of Eastern Siberia and the Far East. The largest of hunting huskies. The height at the withers 65 see Coat, as the previous species. Head moderately wedge-shaped. Erect ears (triangular), the set is not very high. Dark eyes slightly elongated, outer corners of eyes slightly higher internal. Meet likes that hold the tail flattened ring, which is quite acceptable. Typical gait at work - gallop, often interspersed trot.

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