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Waterfowl. Duck hunt

Speaking about hunting waterfowl, meant in the first place duck hunt. Such hunting is the most popular and common. For ducks, there are several ways of hunting: hunting for morning and evening flights, hunting tent with stuffed animals, hunting from a boat, hunting approach, in shallow water and other

The most popular hunting farms is duck hunt on the morning and evening duck flight, when ...

The opening of the hunting 2021 - 2022 years
According to the rules of hunting - boar hunting is permitted on the following dates.
Hunting period is slightly ...
Self-loading Carbine Simonov SKS
Description SKS. SKS stands for Simonov's self-loading Carbine. Carbine created under the intermediate cartridge 7. 62x39 mm. On the creation of the rifle was a Soviet armorer ...
Water-repellent fabric.How to make?
Forest pigeons and hunt them
Hunting-fishing economy of Ukraine, etc.

One of the most important information for the hunter, there is information about hunting farms - their locations, contact information, terms and the rules of hunting, game species which may also hunt. This we we will post information ...

Wild boar hunting in Tunisia

Welcome to the world of hunting wild boar in the forests of Tunisia.
The hunting season in North Africa in Tunisia continues from September 30 to on January 27, in the South to 30 April. Tunisia occupies an area of about 162 155 sq. km. Length of Tunisia ...

Hunting in Belarus
Almost virgin woods and forests, the mild European climate creates conditions for a diversity of wildlife and birds.
In Belarus hunting is permitted for deer, deer, wild boars, rabbits, deer, wolves ...
Baikal MP153. Semi auto shotgun
It is suggested that high quality commercially manufactured ammunition be used in this firearm. Some factory ammunition works better than others and you should stick with the brand you find works well in your shotgun. Avoid military surplus ...

Shotgun Hunting MP-27M
Double-barreled shotgun with vertical barrels MP-27M (Russia)
The most popular classic gun Izhevsk mechanical plant, enjoying an excellent reputation among hunters professionals and Amateurs. Over 30 years of serial production produced more than 1.5 million rifles, constructive solutions developed to the highest level of reliability. Possessing a beautiful balance, a stable fight, simple and reliable design, the MP-27M its technical features and operational characteristics corresponds to the guns higher price classes.
For MP-27M characterized by easy handling ...
Hunting the hare

Hunting the hare carried the following main ways: hunting with lift, with the hounds on the trail after a snowfall and ambush.

Hunting with a lift. Hunting with lift is successful at sufficiently high densities of hares. As a rule, such hunting is conducted team of hunters. Hunters, forming a semi-circle, go places alleged habitats and birds, raising them from day lying down, shoot. Situ hares on a day of rest depends on many factors - weather, terrain, such as agricultural crops and others. For example, in wet rainy weather scare birds falling from the leaves and twigs of a drop of water, and at this time they are moving to the relatively open space. As a rule, the place of occurrence of the characteristic determined in the course of the hunt. On the hunt ....
Moose hunting

   Most spread hunting for moose battue, surge, hunting moose with huskies. The following are the main features of such a hunt.
   Moose is one of the largest animals. The average live weight of about 200 kg moose, although there are much larger individuals. Food moose in spring and summer - the young shoots and leaves of willow, aspen, ash, birch young; winter - the young shoots of aspen and juniper. Willingly moose - scraped bark of fallen aspen and fleecing the moss from the trees. Winter moose feed mainly in the morning and in the evening dawn. On the daily chart usually lie in the bushes near the willow forest massif. During the summer they feed mainly at night.
    Gon moose occur from 15 September to 10 October. Moose walks a pregnant eight months and in late May - early June brings 1-2 calves.
    There are several options for moose hunting.

1. Battue hunting
    As soon enough be frozen swamps and set the white trail, you can start battue hunting moose.
    Hunter or an experienced ranger leaves on horseback or on skis goes in the hole, where obviously keep moose. Beating moose in a large circle, salaried carefully cuts all the extra space, where there are no moose. Knowledge hunter place where you want to raid - the key to success in the hunt.
    When the final salary cut, hunter, in accordance with the direction of the wind, it is best ...
The wolf ordinary

Wolves are protected in Spain, Poland , Romania , Greece , Portugal , Slovakia , Crete , partially protected in the Baltic States , Serbia , Macedonia , Bulgaria , Bosnia. In Poland, the wolf is listed as endangered . The wolf is listed in the European Red list, is protected by the Berne Convention.
Wolves - description, lifestyle behaviors. Below, links to other interesting articles about wolves. Wolves video.
In the zone of tundra seats are very large wolves weighing up to 60 kg, different light (whitish) soft and lush winter fur. In the Siberian taiga are wolves large size with less lush and soft winter fur gray. Large wolves of the European ...
Fishing for carp (crucian)

Fishing for carp begins with early blooming cherry, before spawning. The closer the spawning, the better bite and fishing. At this time, good fishing rods. Silver carp prefers the manure worm, and also takes on maggots, mashed bread with cheese or potatoes, pastry scented additives. Fishing the Golden carp is almost on the same bait. Carp loves throttled worm, therefore, as a rule, fishermen when nailene crush the tail. Catching large carp better on familiar food - crab meat, the larvae of mayflies and dragonflies ...

Fishing video

Shooting fish. Fishing videos: pike, tench, perch, bream, other. Pike, bream, carp, carp. Fishing video tips: fishing at different times of the year, bait, equipment, useful information. The following video about fishing appears on the inserts after viewing.
See also:Fishing video.
Golden and silver carp - description, habitat, behavior. Fishing for carp - bait, lure, cap. Fishing videos fishing for carp, fishing secrets.

The pike.
Pike are the most common object of fishing. Color may vary depending on the conditions of its habitat. Back darker, lighter sides. Can be held in various locations of reservoirs. Prefers shallow water in ponds, lakes, thickets of aquatic plants, driftwood, shadow. Large pike are kept in deeper places in rivers. While hunting is often seen standing ...
Jagdterrier or the German hunting Terrier
is a breed burrowing dogs, bred 1930-ies in Germany, but the standard for the breed was approved in 1981. Jagdterrier are smooth-haired and wire-haired. The latter on the body and limbs coat is longer, and on the face of beard.
German jagdterrier it is hardy and undemanding universal hunter, wary of strangers. Used for extraction, living in burrows of animals, in the main, badger, Fox, raccoon dog. Also good jagdterrier ...
The website for hunters, nature lovers. Hunting - hunting rules nature. Guns, gear. Hunting for ducks, hares, wild boar, ROE deer. Dog - breed content, care, and diseases. Animals. Fishing tips. Video.
Aiming when firing the shot from a gun at a moving target (pre-emption when shooting). Video

Shooting at a moving target from shot guns and select the aiming point. Pre-emption when shooting with povadkoy, accounting, personal errors. Considered moving fraction in a vertical plane, shooting accuracy. Graphics, size of pre-emption, the aiming point.
Moving target shooting video. Shooting duck.
Hunting usually have to shoot at a moving target. For novice hunters one of the main causes of failures in this shooting is the wrong choice of pre-emption or shooting without notice. In the following article briefly describes the method of selection of lead.
It is known that when firing at a moving target point you want to move (select) in front of the direction of motion. The distance from the target to the aiming point is called prefetch. Pre-emption when firing due to the fact ...

Video about duck hunting
Hunting for ducks. The most common are hunting for evening and morning flights, with stuffed birds during autumn passage and spring - with a duck decoy in Mallard duck. Feeding grounds of river ducks serve as shallow muddy ponds ...

Smooth-bore semi-automatic shotgun Saiga-12
In 1974, concern IZHMASH (Izhevsk machine-building plant) has issued a new product for the civilian market - hunting carbine saiga, created on the basis of the Kalashnikov assault rifle. The first models ...

Hunting for grouse with stuffed

Almost every interesting hunter hunting for grouse. It is very diverse - from approach, husky, on the current, with stuffed. Briefly described here hunting for grouse with stuffed.
Since the end of September old grouse begin to gather in flocks, they gradually join the Heath-hens and pullets. Value packs are different and depends on the presence of black grouse ...
Thermal imagers for hunting
Thermal imagers for hunting
Thermal imaging camera - measuring instrument working in the infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum, "transform" in the visible region of the spectrum thermal radiation any object. Objects radiate heat. Birds, ...

Hunting shotgun MTs 255 (MC-255)
Manufacturer: Russia, KBP (Instrument Design Bureau). These unique shotguns are intended for professional and amateur hunting. They are chambered for various hunting cartridges.
   Unique design MTs 255 ...
from the world of hunting
Wild boar and the hunt for him
Hunting wild boar. In autumn, the first time hunting wild boar, while the fields are not harvested crop, boars are most often found in the vicinity of the crops on forest edges. Later move deeper into the forest, closer to the natural forage base. In times of heavy snowfall, course, shelter, often a few days remain in one area, without departing from further maturation  ...

Boar hunting video
Best Shots - Wild Boar Hunting,Chasse Au Sanglier. Wild Boar Hogs Attacks ...
Hunting wild boar. How to shoot a wild boar, some questions aiming

It is known that in the General case, for reliable defeat of the game you need to shoot (a fraction corresponding to the numbers) had the necessary energy and hit the vital organs.
For wild boar in the literature (the Internet), you ...
Animals Of Ukraine. The beasts and birds. Video
   The territory of Ukraine has amazing fauna complexes, which include vast forests, boundless steppes and meadows, majestic mountains and picturesque lakes. This diversity of natural systems can accommodate more than 45 000 species of fauna. It is considered...

For long-term conservation of the shotguns in good condition condition, observe the following rules for handling them:
I. to shoot with the IZH-54 charges more than the recommended or specified on the original packaging ...

Disassembly of the TOZ-34 shotgun. How to disassemble TOZ-34
Disassembly of the TOZ-34 shotgun has specific features. Often, guns of this model fail due to non-compliance with the rules of handling ...
Birch branch
"Hunting and Fishing"
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