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Hunting dogs. Burrowing
Hunting dogs - burrowing: jagdterrier, Terrier, Welsh Terrier, Dachshund. A brief description of that feature.
Burrowing dogs. Used for hunting Fox, badger and raccoon dog in burrows. Burrowing dogs out the beast out of the hole shot hunter or grabbed the beast by the neck, pulls him out of that hole alive or priucheny. A small increase in burrowing dogs gives them the opportunity to move freely and turn in a narrow hole. This is a strong, agile, easily excitable, angry and brave dog with a well-developed hunting reflex, massive, strong jaws and large, well-developed teeth. In everyday life burrowing dogs are widely used to kill rats.
Jagdterrier or the German hunting
Jagdterrier or the German hunting Terrier is a breed burrowing dogs, bred 1930-ies in Germany, but the standard for the breed was approved in 1981. Jagdterrier are smooth-haired and wire-haired. The latter on the body and limbs coat is longer, and on the face of beard.
German jagdterrier it is hardy and undemanding universal hunter, wary of strangers. Used for extraction, living in burrows of animals, in the main, badger, Fox, raccoon dog. Also good jagdterrier in the search and feed the birds with water, trace and ungulates.

The entire look of a jagdterrier expresses determination, fearlessness, commitment and perseverance. Having conceived to create a dog for heavy and dangerous hunting for predators and wild boar, preserving and developing morale, breeders have achieved its amazing versatility. It is thanks to a wide variety of innate abilities and the ability to use for a variety of hunting along with extreme unpretentiousness in the content of the jagdterrier has become one of the most popular dogs.
Uncompromising bold jagdterrier fights valiantly c a Fox and a badger in a hole, expelling them at the shot of the hunter, holds the beast in otnice while to help the dog not to come people, and sometimes even pulls out of the hole is such a strong and massive animal like a badger. Pulling a Fox for a jagdterrier is an ordinary case. As boldly and tirelessly works on the surface. Hunting well takes bird and small animal, a good swimmer, stops larger animals, terrorizing him with bark and with short jerks. Hunting also goes well on a blood trail, giving the owner the possibility to get wounded animal, aggressive attacking even clearly superior to his forces. It happens that because of their courage and perseverance these dogs are killed in the fight, so the hunter need to be careful not to set the dog impossible tasks.
Terrier. Two varieties: rough-coated Terrier and short-haired Terrier. Build strong. The height at the withers is not more than 40 cm Coat white, white with black, brown, gray or red spots and tri-color. The coat is short, hard, tight body, with undercoat or long, hard and with well developed undercoat. On the face hair longer form a mustache, eyebrows and beard, giving the outline of the head rectangular shape. The rough-coated dogs need to remove (pull out) the old dead hair and undercoat during the molting period. The head is elongated with powerful jaws. The forehead is flat, the transition from forehead to muzzle is weakly pronounced. Ears, thin, triangular in shape with no creases, a few rise above the skull. Eyes are round, dark. The tail is thick, set on high, the dog holds it almost vertically. At the age of 5-7 days the dog shorten the tail on the 1/4-1/8 length. The Terrier can be trained to bark at a squirrel, to hunt game birds and feeding birds from the water.

Dachshund. Bred specifically for hunting animals in burrows: short-haired Dachshund, wire-haired Dachshund, long haired Dachshund - body stretches the physique strong. The height at the withers 27 see Coat red, yellow, black or dark brown with yellow or rusty-brown markings (sometimes spotted and tiger). In the smooth-haired Dachshund undercoat is often missing. The head is wedge-shaped, elongated, the transition from forehead to muzzle is smooth. Ears, thin, wide and relatively long, at the ends rounded. Eyes oval, dark and light brown. Teeth large, well developed. Tail rather short, thick, gradually thinning, carries his dog is low.
A little about jagdterrier
Dachshund and jagdtiger Ц the best dogs for hunting hunting. Some hunters prefer to hunt foxes with jagdterrier. According to them, this breed excels in this art Dachshund, as if the prey manages to get out of the hole and embark on leaked, jagdterrier'll catch up easily under Dachshund with her physique.

Dogs jagdterrier have well-developed muscles and strong bones, differ in subtle flair and boundless courage. Jagdterrier holders of a complex nature, so they need to educate him strictly, but without harsh methods. If you are going hunting and going with alterera hunting, you must consider the number of hunters.

If too much, then silence will be almost impossible for the prey will hear the noise from outside and afraid to get to the surface, will hide in the corner and will fend off the dog. The best option Ц hunting together. If the new hole, with a small number of unerkov, you can hunt alone. In addition, the hunter should not be put in the hole two dogs at once.

Jagdterrier can start fighting each other, allowing the prey to get away from persecution. To avoid this, it is better to run the dogs in turn replaced each other.

Features of the hunting
Before you start jagdterrier in the hole, you have to take his collar off, otherwise jagdterrier may die, clinging to the roots underground. When the dog goes in the hole, she immediately throw themselves on the trail of prey. Hunter at this point, it is important not to waste time and to take a position in 10-15 steps away from the hole, making sure all exits.

She shooed the Fox out of the hole, Angerer produces a characteristic barking, by which the hunter can judge that Fox will soon appear on the surface and prepare for the shot. Despite their differences in physique and character, jagdterrier and Dachshund excellent job hunting in burrows and are about the same popularity. Choosing one of them his assistants, you will get great pleasure from the Norn hunting.

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