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Considered various options for the content of hunting dogs in the yard, in the apartment. Short recommendations for feeding adult dogs and puppies, the basics of breeding dogs, caring for dogs, feeding, cleaning, caring for dog's skin.
   The dog in the yard. It is best to keep the dog in the yard in a dry, airy shed or by making a paddock, put it in a nice warm booth.
To keep the hunting dog on a chain is not desirable. But if no other way, and contain on the circuit. The chain should be of sufficient length, light, strong and with a carabiner, so the dog is confused. The dog should be done every morning and evening, walking for 1.5 hours.
The room dogs have to do so that summer was protection from the heat, and in winter from cold wind and snow.
The best bedding for dogs - straw, which should be changed one to two times a week. In addition, twice a month you should disinfect the room by dog wash the floor and walls with hot water with a solution of creolin.
Dog droppings should be removed daily and buried
or be discharged into the public sewer system.
   The dog in the apartment. Most of the hunters contain hunting dogs, especially cops, in the apartment. When the content in the apartment the dog must be given a permanent seat, which she knows well, and will always be there to lie.
As a bed for dogs of boards arranged frame on which is stretched the canvas. Avoid the dog in the absence of the owners walked through the apartment and chewed things, got in the floor to screw the screw through the ring and attached to the dog. For the administration needs of the dog you want to display to the street or to release into the yard, if it is isolated. Morning and evening is a must-do walk.
   Dogs care. The dog was healthy and not subjected to various diseases, it is necessary to set up proper care, which includes not only feeding and cleaning, but also care for your dog's skin. The dog should be washed, combed and cleaned the brush, removing the skin and hair, dust and dirt. It improves digestion and normal metabolism in the animal body.
Especially in spring, when the dog is a change of wool, should closely care for her skin, to help probably get rid of the old wool.
We need daily to inspect the dog's ears and RUB them with cotton soaked in a hydrogen peroxide solution, after which the ear dry. To kill insects the dog should be washed at least once a month in warm water with a solution of creolin (1-2 tablespoons of creolin in a bucket of water); a solution of creolin wash mild soap, then wipe dry the dog. After it completely dries, comb wool comb. Summer warm weather is well to bathe the dogs in the river or fresh pond.
The dog needs daily training, as regular traffic necessary for the development and strengthening of muscles. Moving little dogs grow fat, lose its shape, become limp and nevynashivanie.
Feeding. Diet plays a major role in the preservation of life and health of the dogs, in their physical development. Dog food should give benign and during specified hours, morning and evening. The amount of food should be such that the dog was sick, but didn't overload the stomach.
Food should be given at room temperature. You can't feed a dog immediately after its operation, and to rest and only then to feed. After giving you can't feed a dog immediately perform a particular job, it has a harmful effect on her body.
Food is necessary to give variety and fresh, but not sour or begins to deteriorate. If the dog is not eaten, remains of it should be removed and not left to Degania.
It is necessary to monitor feeding was clean, rinsed with boiling water.
Food for dogs must contain the required amount of proteins and carbohydrates. Approximate daily norms of the feed dog: adult - meat or fish 400-500 g cereals or oatmeal 500-б00 g vegetables 200-250 g, salt 20 g, of water by volume in the feed 4 HP Daily rate for ers and lactating females increased by 25% and given, moreover,
Flow, binding (knit). Flow is named such state of bitch, when it is in sexual excitation, related to ripening for it of ovules. In this period a bitch assumes a male dog for binding.
Sexual maturity of females occurs earlier than the females reach full physical development. First postovka it occurs at 8-12 months of age, and full physical development of the female reaches up to 2-3 years. So the first time to mate the bitch should not earlier as at the age of eighteen.
Physically healthy bitch empty twice a year, in about 6 months. But there are females that are empty once a year or in two years three times. The duration of postavki to 25 days.
The first sign of postavki is swelling of the outer portion of the penis (loop) and the appearance of spotting. The bitch becomes restless, flirting with the cables, trying to run away from home.
Bloody allocation to 8-10 day is being phased out, and the bitch accepts the male for mating. The willingness of females to males tolerance is tested by stroking her hand across his back. If the bitch is ready for mating, she'll turn tail to the side. When knitting a cable and a bitch must be on leashes, in addition, the bitch must be held by the collar with both hands, placing her head between her legs. If the bitch snarls, then you need to put a muzzle on her, otherwise she may bite the male. With proper mating in dogs occurs the connection, at this point, we have to cautiously flip the leg of the male on one side females and keep the male and the female for the collars before the end of the binding, not allowing them to stretch in different directions, so as not to damage the genitals. The duration of mating is 15-25 minutes. Repeated (control) binding produced a day after the first.
   Whelping and care of puppies. Whelping occurs within 62 for from the moment of mating, but there may be deviation of 2-3 days. In the first month after mating for the female does not require special care, you only need to watch her food, so she was in a normal body, not skinny and not obese, and should definitely be used for hunting, but not to overwork. In the second month the female should be protected from sharp, quick movements, bruises, separated from other dogs if they are. On the hunt for her should not take, and to provide daily long walks.
That female has been healthy, and the future offspring properly developed and grew, its power must be improved by adding raw meat, milk, fresh vegetables and best ingredients. It is advisable to provide in the daily diet fish oil up to 30 grams or rybarstvi meat and bone meal 50 g
For 5-b days before whelping the bitch will need to prepare a special place and bring it there; for the bed use a low, but spacious drawer, putting him on the Mat burlap, a thick bed laying should not be. About a day before whelping the bitch stops eating, 5-6 hours before giving birth she is restless. After it attempts to begin, and then born, with some gaps, puppies. Length of delivery depends on the number of puppies, usually give birth from 6 to 12 hours. Puppies in the litter is 5-8, but sometimes more, up to 10-12.
Puppies are born blind recover their sight, and at 12-13 days. Puppies in the litter bitch, whelps for the first time, it is necessary to leave 4-5, female, has had pups, 6-7, no more. In the first two or three days after whelping the bitch bother you should not. Then it is necessary to make selection of puppies. If a dog owner wants to keep the whole litter, some puppies can be taken away and put to another female (the nurse), which podgotovlena in advance.
The bitch is feeding puppies up to 1.5-2 months; recommended to keep puppies under the bitch not less than 30-45 days after which take away. By this time the milk of bitches a little, and the puppies can eat.
Feeding puppies: start with 3-weeks of age lukewarm milk 2-three times per day, in month age given milk gruel, and later broth - once a day. With 1.5 months of age by the time of weaning the puppy he was given the meat from raw meat, from the age of 3 months are supposed to give and bone.
Feed your puppy should be as follows: up to 2 months of age - every bottom of the hour, from 2 to S months - 5-6 times a day, from S to 6 months - 4 times a day, from 6 to 10 months - 3 times a day, and 10 months of age 2 times a day, as adult dogs.
It is necessary to give food in small portions, so that the puppies ate all. To overfeed puppies should not be.
Puppies need to change the litter more often, to keep dry and light indoors, it will save them from insects.
To contain the puppies separately from adult dogs, preferably with a small paddock. In addition, it is possible for a long time puppies set free to frolic and familiar with the environment. Puppies should be treated gently, avoid rough shouts and in any case not to apply spiritual unity.


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