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Animals. Beasts and birds
Hunting animals. Most wild animals can be attributed to hunting animals, although the value of each animal for commercial and recreational hunting are different. As technology development, technology, human exploration of the natural resources increases the pressure on the living conditions of wild animals. Animals need protection of their environment and measures for the protection of the animals themselves. A brief description of many wild animals, which will help the hunter to determine the type and thus related to him.
Many animals are represented in the description and on the video.

The  wild boar
Wild boar similar to outbred pig, but much larger. Height at withers to 120 cm, weight: up to 240 kg Torso boar covered with very coarse, high (from yellow-gray to black) bristles with soft brownish podporu. By the beginning of the rutting males in the neck, shoulders and sides of the front part of the breast grows "Kalkan" (dense thickening of the skin for up to 4 cm), which serves as protection from the fangs of the opponents. Inhabited by wild boar in the southern part of Primorsky Krai (Sakhalin boar no), in Transbaikalia, Pribaikalye, Sayan and Altai, in the mountains and the river valleys of Central Asia ...

Brown hare
For the winter or not white (in the South), or white only partially - the middle part of the ridge on all winter stays dark. Winter fur is slightly curly. The ears are long. On the tail from the top has a black spot. Hare larger than the hare (the average mass of 4 kg, in Bashkiria meet up to 7 kg).

Hare inhabits the European part Russia(up to the Northern regions of Karelia, southern coast of the White sea, and others), Transcaucasia, North-Western region of Kazakhstan and the southern Urals. Acclimatized ...


Moose or elk. The largest moose live in the hills and valleys Calistoga ridge. The weight of an adult bull reaches 650 kg, the height at the withers 235 see Horns differ extremely large sizes, up to 1.5 m in the collapse.

In 1977-1978, the elks were acclimatized in the valley of the R. Kamchatka. In 1985, the herd has reached more than 150 heads. Moose inhabiting the southern parts of Eastern Siberia, is significantly smaller (height 180 cm, weight 400 kg). Horns are weak and do not have spade-like extensions. Moose European part of the Russia medium size (height at withers does not exceed 210 cm, weighing not more than 500 kg). The horns have a flat shovel ...

The wolf ordinary

Wolves are protected in Spain, Poland , Romania , Greece , Portugal , Slovakia , Crete , partially protected in the Baltic States , Serbia , Macedonia , Bulgaria , Bosnia. In Poland, the wolf is listed as endangered . The wolf is listed in the European Red list, is protected by the Berne Convention.
The wolf ordinary
Wolves - description, lifestyle behaviors. Below, links to other interesting articles about wolves. Wolves video.
In the zone of tundra seats are very large wolves weighing up to 60 kg, different light (whitish) soft and lush winter fur. In the Siberian taiga are wolves large size with less lush and soft winter fur gray. Large wolves of the European ...

Video - Animals nature. Moose:
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