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Brown hare

For the winter or not white (in the South), or white only partially - the middle part of the ridge on all winter stays dark. Winter fur is slightly curly. The ears are long. On the tail from the top has a black spot. Hare larger than the hare (the average mass of 4 kg, in Bashkiria meet up to 7 kg).

Hare inhabits the European part Russia(up to the Northern regions of Karelia, southern coast of the White sea, and others), Transcaucasia, North-Western region of Kazakhstan and the southern Urals. Acclimatized in the southern districts of Western and Eastern Siberia. Settle hare-hare and also the steppes of Kazakhstan. Brown hare - the inhabitants of the steppes and fields. Lair them in ravines, on the boundaries, under the cover of bushes or weeds, in the bushes on the edges. Going to bed, much confuse their tracks. Winter often get to human settlements. In the year bring a few litters, each with up to 6 cubs. Young hares are born with sight, covered with hair, is able to run. When the mother they remain for long. Eat hares-brown in the summer to various herbaceous plants and cultural cereals. Winter hare prefer to feed on Azimi, choosing the places from which the wind swept the snow. When the snow is deep and the grass and Azimi is not available, feed on the twigs and bark of deciduous trees, including fruit, causing damage to gardens.

In the Central parts of the autumn moult the hares ends in the second half or the end of November. The spring molt begins in late February - early March. In nature occasionally mix between grey hare and hare - hare-cuff, combining characteristics of both birds.

Brown hare video:

Traces of brown hare

Traces of brown hare:
Traces of brown hare
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Brown hare in the summer. Video:
Birch branch