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Moose. The largest moose live in the hills and valleys Calistoga ridge. The weight of an adult bull reaches 650 kg, the height at the withers 235 see Horns differ extremely large sizes, up to 1.5 m in the collapse.

In 1977-1978, the moose were acclimatized in the valley of the R. Kamchatka. In 1985, the herd has reached more than 150 heads. Moose inhabiting the southern parts of Eastern Siberia, is significantly smaller (height 180 cm, weight 400 kg). Horns are weak and do not have spade-like extensions. Moose European part of the Russia medium size (height at withers does not exceed 210 cm, weighing not more than 500 kg). The horns have a flat shovel, provided on the edges of a number of critical processes.

Torso moose relatively short, wysokopradowe. Body length of 2.5 - 3 meters long Legs, strong. The head is white. The upper lip is strongly overhangs the bottom. The coat consists of coarse brittle hair and thin tortuous undercoat, brown, Navy or black-brown. Legs whitish. Under the throat moose has leathery growth with long hair that looks like a beard.

The current range covers the entire boreal zone of Europe and Asia, is deeply wedged in the steppe and forest-tundra.

Moose lives in mixed forests with moss swamps, forest, rivers, and dense growth of young aspen, alder and birch. Kept singly or in small groups on the cuts and burns. Moose eats at least 350 species of plants. Summer diet consists of aquatic plants, grasses and herbs. In winter, the main food is the branches and the bark of aspen, willow, Rowan, pine needles and other

In late autumn and winter moose gather in small herds of from 3 to 6 goals. In early September, when the young bulls horns ossify, begins a rut. Bulls at this time excited in search of females, often vote not only on dawns, and the day. In October, the mating ends. In the spring the herd splits. Female in may - June, after 8 mesachie pregnancy brings 2 calves. Newborns from the first day of move, but usually the first 10 days lie motionless in the bushes or grass. One-month-old calf begins to eat grass, and in 3-4 months stops to suck his mother. In the second year of life moose involved in the rut.

Extracted moose in the Russia only under license. Collective hunting for moose is very popular.

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