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The wild boar

Wild boar similar to outbred pig, but much larger. Height at withers to 120 cm, weight: up to 240 kg Torso boar covered with very coarse, high (from yellow-gray to black) bristles with soft brownish podporu. By the beginning of the rutting males in the neck, shoulders and sides of the front part of the breast grows "Kalkan" (dense thickening of the skin for up to 4 cm), which serves as protection from the fangs of the opponents. Inhabited by wild boar in the southern part of Primorsky Krai (Sakhalin boar no), in Transbaikalia, Pribaikalye, Sayan and Altai, in the mountains and the river valleys of Central Asia and southern Kazakhstan. The Northern border of distribution of wild boar in Western Siberia comes to the 55th parallel. In the European part of the Russia many wild boars in the Delta of the Volga, the Caucasus and Transcaucasia, Ukraine, Belarus, Smolensk, Kaluga, Lipetsk, Voronezh, Kursk, Orel and Tula regions. Known for long calls of wild boars to the 60th parallel.

Live hogs in the swamps, reeds and tugai forests along the river valleys and the coast, in mountain forests, juniper thickets, shrub shoots, along the valleys of the foothills. Lead a sedentary lifestyle, but in the mountains every year, roam: in the spring mountains fall down in the valley. Feed mainly at night. Day spend prone to "strong". In December during the rut the males fight fiercely. In April - may, sometimes June born 10 piglets. Eat boars fallen fruits, nuts, acorns, cor n s and soup reeds and cattails, water plants, some herbs, eat snails, insects, worms, small vertebrates, destroying eggs of birds nesting on the ground. Settling near crops, especially corn, wheat, sunflower and about melon fields, causing great harm, eating and trampling crops.

The boar has exclusive burrowing ability. They can loosen the frozen earth with gravel, turn the frozen stones at her. They do it by the incisors of the lower jaw, which work like a plow. Help and fangs to break off the roots and remove the stones.
Produce hogs under licenses organize raids with dogs and guard on feeding grounds.

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Traces of the boar
Traces of the boar:
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