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Animals Of Ukraine. The beasts and birds. Animals Video

   The territory of Ukraine has amazing faunal complexes, which include vast forests, boundless steppes and meadows, majestic mountains and picturesque lakes. This diversity of natural systems can accommodate more than 45 000 species of fauna. It is considered that on the territory of Ukraine can be found in virtually all classes and kinds of living beings from around the world.
   Excavations and studies have revealed that previously (before our era) in the territory, where Ukraine was inhabited by pig-like creatures, rhinos, giraffes, etc. For many millennia, flora and fauna are constantly changing, and animals adapted to new conditions. Some species have migrated to more comfortable habitat, and some developed certain skills, and has greatly increased their numbers.
   The wildlife of Ukraine is very different in individual territorial areas. In areas characterized by the presence of mixed forests, inhabited by wild pigs, deer, ROE deer, moose, wolves, foxes and hares. In addition, the permanent "residents" mixed forests are badgers, squirrels, pine marten. Among reptiles, you can select the Viper, the grass snake, lizards. Very much in mixed forests of Ukraine toads, newts and frogs.
   The steppe zone is a habitat for different mammal species: ground squirrels, jerboa, steppe grey voles, hamsters, moles and hedgehogs. The world of birds of the steppe zone are presented great bustard, steppe cranes, quail and steppe eagles. In addition, in the steppe zone is inhabited by representatives of reptiles such as steppe Viper snake yellow-bellied.
   River valley area of Ukraine is rich in diversity of waterfowl and the representatives of marsh fauna. In these areas you can find the white Heron, the marsh turtle, cormorant, otter, beaver. In lakes and rivers to swim, and live catfish, vimba, mackerel, clams, bream, etc.
   A rich fauna of Ukraine is an inexhaustible source for scientific research. That is why, today held a big event on the protection of certain species of animals and birds.

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