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Hunting the hare

Hunting the hare carried the following main ways: hunting with lift, with the hounds on the trail after a snowfall and ambush.

Hunting with a lift. Hunting with lift is successful at sufficiently high densities of hares. As a rule, such hunting is conducted team of hunters. Hunters, forming a semi-circle, go places alleged habitats and birds, raising them from day lying down, shoot. Situ hares on a day of rest depends on many factors - weather, terrain, such as agricultural crops and others. For example, in wet rainy weather scare birds falling from the leaves and twigs of a drop of water, and at this time they are moving to the relatively open space. As a rule, the place of occurrence of the characteristic determined in the course of the hunt. On the hunt with lift plays an important role and a good knowledge of hunters land where prey.

On the hunt tend to use cartridges with shot №1.
Hunting with hounds. This is a very exciting and beautiful hunting. One of the main tasks for hunting hares with hounds is to raise the hare. To do this, you can make noise, shout, cheer dogs. After the hare raised noise should stop and choose the most likely place stroke hare. Sometimes this requires rush that must be done carefully, trying not to make noise.

Hare on the natural features of trying to run around (almost one and the Well places) and tend to be returned to the place of lying (the place where he was raised). All this must be borne in mind and accordingly determine the location for the shooting.

Bunny is not always about the right circles. During leaf fall it can be unsettling noise of leaves, and it avoids the deciduous forest, adheres to the edges of ravines, sometimes it can change the course of being afraid of anything. Following stroke hare also depend on the speed of rutting dogs, weather - when frost circles anymore.

Gonny hare can dodge, harbors. While the dog unravels tracks hare rises again, hearing the approaching beagle. Hound, hare getting off the trail, usually makes a small circle, is the output trace and continues rut. Hunter remains only to choose the right place stroke hare.

Hunting on the trail. Hunting should be carried out for the winter after snowfall. Finding a rabbit trail, you need to calmly figure out where he was going hare, on vacation (holiday destination dnevka) or feeding place. Of course you need to go on the trail that goes to the maturation, in order not to waste time on the unraveling of the tracks. The easiest way to find the hare, when on the eve of snowfall (short newly-fallen snow). In this case, found the trail leads to the maturation exactly, since the night it should be noted snow.

Much more difficult to find a rabbit with a set of tracks when have not had fresh snow. In this case, should be well able to determine the freshness of the track, and it will try to find a hare. Even more difficult to hunt rabbits in the dead newly-fallen snow - this is when after a heavy snowfall hare long does not leave his hiding place and no traces in the snow.

Hunter, walking on the trail should not step on it, since the unraveling of the following parts have to go back and find a deuce (returning hare in its wake), jump to the side, up to several meters. After a couple of twos and jumping toward the hare lies in the right place - a bush, tussock, weeds, etc.

While hunting a hare on the trail must be very careful. Do not need all the time to look into the track, because you can miss jumped scared rabbit. Especially need to look at the place of highest probability of occurrence - mounds, tall grass, pieces of plowing et al., Although, as a rule, the hare still rises unexpectedly. Rising from maturation, hare with a maximum speed tends to get away from the hunter, so a shot can not procrastinate, but we should not fuss, because you can make a mistake in choosing the right of pre-emption.

Hunting the white hare is slightly different from hunting hare. White hare hold strong and damp places, and hare prefer open dry land. After snowfall hare dug into the forest, hare is close to human settlements, feeding on winter.

Under the first hare hound walking in small circles, running close to lying, avoid open spaces. If the animal is scared, you can move to another area near the forest and again walk in small circles. Hare behaves somewhat differently. He is more open space, glades, roads, forest edges, clearings, marshy lowlands. Goes wider community and can also move to another location, if not extracted in the first few quarters after the recovery.

Hunting for an ambush. The essence of this is to hunt hares watch in feeding areas. Usually lurk hares in haystacks, orchards, gardens, winter - in those places where the night feeding and where hares leave many traces. For a more successful hunt can put fertilizer in advance - harvested in the summer of brooms, sheaves of oats and others. Ambush need to arrange a place sheltered from the wind - a haystack, which some structure. You also need to dress warmly and comfortably, as have long been in the cold, with limited ability to move. Lurk hares moonlit nights. For good shooting day is necessary to determine the distance to surrounding objects, to the moonlight could navigate. You need to pay attention to the fact that in the moonlight shadow of the hare darker himself. This often leads to embarrassing blunders.

It can be concluded that for birds characterized by significant fluctuations in numbers from year to year. As a rule, explain this disease outbreaks that occur during periods of high numbers of hare and during adverse weather conditions. In addition, rabbits are destroying foxes, stray dogs other predators, but it is believed it does not affect the number.

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