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Hunting for grouse with stuffed

Almost every interesting hunter hunting for grouse. It is very diverse - from approach, husky, on the current, with stuffed. Briefly described here hunting for grouse with stuffed.

Since the end of September old grouse begin to gather in flocks, they gradually join the Heath-hens and pullets. Value packs are different and depends on the presence of black grouse in the area.
Before the formation of deep snow cover in the morning and evening dawns grouse sitting near the bed and the feeding areas on their chosen trees, mostly birch. The habits of the birds used for hunting with stuffed.
Noticing the trees, where the birds like to sit, the hunter puts at a distance of 15-20 m from the hut. He can't particularly stand out on the ground, but it must be clearly visible all the trees that sit grouse.
Finished the Scarecrow pushed onto the top of  - thin, straight, and long poles. Short put slivers on a tree branch near the trunk, for which, of course, have to climb a tree; long set of butt part on the ground.
The great value has the correct landing stuffed. It must be quietly sitting birds, without tilting to one side or the other and be sure the chest against the wind; when the wind is light it should be drawn in the morning on the East or in the evening to the West, i.e. in the direction of the sunset or sunrise. Exhibit 3-4 stuffed at different heights, one of them as close as possible to the top of the tree.

If the stuffed hooked a few black grouse, it is recommended to shoot primarily for bird sitting below the other. In the afternoon, when, after feeding the grouse fly away on holiday, you can take a break and walk away from the tent for 4-5 hours, returning to him in advance for an evening departure.
This hunt is much more intense, if instead of merely waiting for the arrival of the black grouse stuffed customize their beater. The task is to round up a flock with a crash, to split it into several parts and small groups to get to the stuffed animals.
For this hunting equip ammo in the beginning of the season in fraction No. 5, and later used winter charges and the fraction No. 3 and No. 2.

On black grouse on a Lek

Black grouse Lek every year almost on the spot. Space for the current they choose on the edge of forests, meadows with bushes and trees, on a fairly open bogs, in the field. Current location grouse can be determined by grouse songs are best heard in the early morning. On one current can be up to several dozen black cocks.
For hunting on a current pose of the hut, the place for which you choose in advance, focusing on the trail and feathers that are left on the current grouse. The shelter should not stand out on the ground, so it is best to build it from scrap materials. It is advisable to wait a few days to grouse accustomed to possible significant changes. For convenience inside the tent, you can make a hole, lay the spruce branches or hay. In the walls of the tent to provide loopholes for firing in the right direction. In a tent, you need to go in a dark time, not to go out during the current.
Start shooting better in the midst of the current, the extracted black cocks not to go out, pick up at the end of the hunt.

Video: The black grouse, capercaillie. Hunting in the spring.


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Video: Black grouse on a Lek
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