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Hunting in North Africa. Boar hunting in Tunisia

Welcome to the world of hunting wild boar in the forests of Tunisia
The hunting season in North Africa in Tunisia continues from September 30 to
on January 27, in the South to 30 April.
Tunisia occupies an area of about 162 155 sq. km. Length of Tunisia 1200 km, width 280 miles to the North and East by the Mediterranean sea more than 1250 km and is bordered by Libya, on the South (480 km) and Algeria in the West (1050 km).Part of the Maghreb in Northern Africa occupies an important position in the Strait of Sicily in the Eastern Mediterranean sea. Strait Of Sicily between the Peninsula of cap Bon and Italy, 200 km wide, is one of the the busiest waterways in the world.

Some of the formalities:
* Have a valid passport during their stay in Tunisia
* Reserve one month to allow you to choose the area and book
* When booking, you must inform the passport information, information
about the weapons (there are restrictions on the use of guns for hunting wild boar) and
other information
* Each hunter has the right only one weapon under the law of Tunisia
* When importing a valid 50 rounds per hunter
* It is strictly forbidden to shooting woodcock, deer

Every day, hunting groups with different teams of beaters. All commands are beaters. Each team conducts a hunt for different
territory. The departure of the team of hunters every day from 6 am to 8 am, depending on the hunting grounds. Transport for hunting
off-road vehicle. A minimum of 6 hunters, not more than 12 hunters. Rates depend on the number of hunters, the number of hunting days and dates.

Expenses include:
Hunting licences, insurance for hunters and beaters, transport in airport and hotel, hotel accommodation, full Board, support skip weapons in Tunisia, guide hunting, beaters and dogs for hunting, transport for hunting.
There may be additional costs: a fine of EUR 10 for the wounded wild boar, 10 euros per night for a single room in the hotel, phone calls and other Accommodation is available in the hotel located in a small remote mountain village 90 km from the capital Tunis, a three-star hotel is known for its popular with hunters.

For more detailed information, information on hunting, to share impressions of the hunt, please contact:

Sellemi Kamel

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