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Fishing videos: pike, tench, perch, bream, other.

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Video 1. Theory. Shooting at a moving target, the calculating of pre-emption when shooting at a flying duck
Video 2. Considered shooting at a flying duck - advance, leash, shot

Video about duck hunting
Best video on aiming and shooting at a flying duck, preemption, removal, leash. How to get into the flying duck. Theory and practice of shooting and duck hunting at different times of the year.
Hunting for ducks. The most common are hunting for evening and morning flights, with stuffed birds during autumn passage and spring - with a duck decoy in Mallard duck.

Feeding grounds of river ducks serve as shallow muddy ponds, bays of lakes and rivers, covered in abundance with moss and overgrown with pondweed, amphibious buckwheat, Sagittaria, hornwort, paddling, water pine, chastuhi. Mallards, when ripe bread out to feed on the fields. Places dnevok, the so - called lining, swamps and areas of ponds, densely overgrown with reeds, cattails, reeds, manna, sedges.
Sunset begins in 15 - 20 minutes after sunset, immediately after they rise on the wing, and hoarsely shout the bittern. As they say, bittern opens the dawn. First, when there is still light enough flights start Teal. Mallards and other ducks flying in the fading twilight. The more the autumn takes over, the later it starts the flight. In mid-September, Mallard flying in the dark and shooting it becomes difficult.
Morning flight begins in the dark, before dawn and is active before sunrise. An hour after sunrise years practically ceased, and the hunter may count this time shooting just random birds.
Shooting ducks on evening and morning flights is a hunter mostly in flight, from a standing position. To be able to quickly jump in and make a shot, the tent top is not closed. When a pit on the pond, and with the choice of hunting for a Bank you must consider the main requirement of this hunt: a downed duck should fall on the mirror or clean water, or on the mowed meadow or arable land. Even mortally wounded duck that fell in high grass or reeds, it is useless will be lost to the hunter, so as to find her in a place without dogs is almost impossible.
At the morning and evening flights, especially since the beginning of the hunting season, ducks are not firm on the wound. Shoot them at this time of the cartridges equipped in 6, 7 and 8-m numbers of shot.
With the onset of late autumn ducks gather in large flocks and move across large bodies of water. The local flocks of ducks river increase due to coming in from the North. With the advent of cold weather appear and flocks of diving ducks and sea tufted ducks, Goldeneye, ferruginous ducks and common Pochards, pochard Baer and others. There comes a time of gross migration waterfowl and duck hunting with decoys.
Hunting with stuffed made from a tent, which is arranged on the border of the reed lining and clean water. It is good to make a tent at the end of the emergent vegetation, narrow tongue protruding into the space of pure water. During the gross span, which in the middle zone of European Russia is in the second decade of October, the hunt is all day, appressed Claus at the North flock down constantly. To dress for the hunt of the heat in fur jacket and boots.
Among the most common and traditional Russian hunting refers to hunting with a decoy, or, as they call it, with a circular duck for duck. The richness of impressions and psychological experiences it is no way inferior to other hunts in Peru, and many of them even surpasses.
Despite the seeming simplicity of hunting for duck is not always successful and depends on a number of factors: the correct choice of hunting locations and devices tent, weather conditions, readiness decoy' ducks for hunting and her skill.
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