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Wild boar and the hunt for him

In autumn, the first time hunting wild boar, while the fields are not harvested crop, boars are most often found in the vicinity of the crops on forest edges. Later move deeper into the forest, closer to the natural forage base. In times of heavy snowfall, course, shelter, often a few days remain in one area, without departing from further maturation 30-40 m Summer lairs of wild boar are most often found in damp ravines or gullies overgrown with grass and bushes in the shade of spruce and pine, where poorly penetrate the sun's rays. Lairs in the mud and maturation proselyte water, you can see in the habitats of wild boars almost everywhere, where only conditions allow. Asylum wild boar is called a den, nest.

Pregnant females and females with cubs take great care of the nest, lined with dry grass and leaves. The location for shooting the boar selects in the most dense thickets, but sometimes you can currently apply and practice the following approved methods of hunting wild boars.
1. Hunting with dogs.
2. Battue hunting.
3. The approach Hunting, day and night.

Boar hunting with dogs
One of the most exciting and successful hunts on wild boar should to recognize fascinating hunting them with dogs. At one time whenever special breed "hog dogs" is a strong and aggressive. Found and woke up the beast with lehovich dogs, then began a wild boar, detained beast until you fit the hunter. Now best dog are foxterrier, taxes, husky, specifically on the boar.

Of dog breeds Dachshund or posteraro for hunting wild boar should choose the largest, and the huskies average, but those and others strong, able to hold the beast. From very large dogs, boars go. These dogs often beat off from the herd of young boars and power hold them until the arrival of the hunter. Mined with these dogs mostly young, that is defective animals. Better to hunt wild boar with three feathered dogs. One of these dogs must have good find, when throwing it at anyone, though not very fresh the trail, to have a good top flair and thin ears, as often the dog to the beast is right on the trail or smell, precuela the lair of the beast on a considerable distance. Nice to hunt with a couple of dogs at if, on the one, good. Boar hunting with dogs can be equally successful, both collective and individual, with only a few changing her technique.

If hunting one, two or three people, dogs allowed in the immediate vicinity of the suspected lairs, hunters go
skelter and move for dogs, using forest roads and clearings. Good dogs rarely miss the beast, and, if we went out into the lane, combed the plot, then you can safely move on.

Like most animals, are the most vulnerable (slaughter) of wild boar - the brain, vertebrae, heart, lungs and liver Shot on blades, in addition to linking the movements of the beast, almost always affects the mentioned internal organs; this shot the most easy (given the magnitude slaughter area) and reliable. When hit in the head under the ear or in neck, the beast is almost always stays in place. When wound in soft body parts and intestines, sometimes with very heavy through wounds - leaves far. To beat the boar hunting with dogs can be like a bullet and buckshot. It is best to charge the gun, combining charges, the right barrel to invest the bullet in the left - shot as the first shot in less rolling beast easier, and second, by mountainous, difficult. Charges of gunpowder under the bullet and buckshot should be increased. Buckshot boar should take at least 8-9 mm, stacking it in a sleeve in rows of three, one above the other (column) like, if you do not follow this rule, the shot when the shot gives a great the scatter and respira each other, can cause damage to the gun. Producing shot, especially with canister, it is necessary to remember about dogs and not to forget the range of the projectile cannons.

Battue hunting
The hunting of the boar pen can be realized when the number of participants not more than eight shooters. The success of this hunting depends on local knowledge, the proper placement of shooters and unconditional compliance indications of head hunting. In unfamiliar terrain head hunting, if there are no Ranger or Explorer, obliged with the help of participants to recognoscere country to here to make a plan and procedure the corral. The best time for hunting white trail, although sometimes with the same success can be hunted and on the black trail. Fresh porosi always easier the definition of the lairs of wild boars, increasing the chances of success. By reducing time to find boars increases the duration of the actual hunting, therefore, the pens covered a large area. Days for hunting in the winter, if possible, it is best to choose a warm, when less snow crunches under your feet.

When placing shooters and beaters must take into account the direction wind. The rut usually lead against the wind, so that the animals could not smell shooters. Special noise when the pen produce is not necessary. The beaters are rarely talk to each other, to perspectivalist and to go even a thick chain. The boar is an animal not of the timid: climbing the corral, he first listens and only orientiruyas will go from  chain. Very often when a large noise of the beaters boar goes straight to them, breaks the chain and leaves. When the beaters less noise, boar disorientated and goes to the line of shooters. Arrows placed on rooms should not talk, smoke, and most importantly - do not move unnecessarily and leave rooms. Subject immobility though not careful masking, however, still need to be invisible on the background of trees, shrubs, etc. That a sufficient visibility for fire, if possible, shooters on the numbers put on the edges of the beams or ravines. Boar beat is much easier on the descent into the ravine or gully, especially on the climbs.

The difficulty of hunting on wild boar-pen lies in the ability to determine days of wild boars, raise animals and to send on the line of shooters. Difficult and myself shooting at the beast as mountainous boar is always very fast, canter taramajima open space. If the area of the fire small (glade or the road), then take the beast inexperienced arrow is almost impossible. As already it is said that facilitates in this case, shooting the place chosen for rooms the edge of the ravine or gully.

Boar hunting with approach
Boar hunting with approach requires the hunter great endurance, care and attention, combined with the ability to find, track and hiding game, unnoticed to approach her on the shot. Hunting boar requires a more strict observance of the conditions above, as boar, compared with other animals, very careful. This kind hunting is effective only on the white trail, in the warm days of fresh powder, when the easier it is to understand the traces. Knowing the area, the hunter usually outlines the route so as to cross the forest or shrub on the road or the track in places of possible transitions of the beast. Finding fresh mark, you need parallel him to go to the place where it is possible lair boar, simultaneously cutting the traces of 200 - 250 m in order not pass shooting, which very often can be found in woodland or individual bushes. When pruning track not need to climb to the trail through bushland and thicket, and to use common meadows, roads, etc. when to this section, the trace of which has not been pruned, it is recommended to bypass this area, because the beast can angle turn and go in side. Make sure that the trail of the cropped area is not released and the beast somewhere nearby, begins the search for the lair for more the precise location of the lair, go around the circle to the input track, bypass repeat, gradually reducing the circle and at the same time increasing caution. If conditions permit areas, using natural the glades, trails and glades, circle crawl, it is desirable to reduce to minimum.

Hunting wild boars with the approach practiced the evenings and on moonlit nights, when animals come out to feed. Especially good is hunting in the winter frosty and windy evening. On those nights the slightest rustle in the woods heard at a considerable distance. Is boar hunting in advance explored frequented by wild boars feeding places in oak or beech woodland. Boars usually in the cold very early to leave the lair. They begin to wander in search of acorns and nuts, Pererva foliage, which forest far away you can hear the leaves rustle. This rustling and there is a hunter or determining the course of the beasts, intercepts them and waiting for the approximation of the beast on shot.Hunting for wild boar, not to forget the dangers. A wounded animal often can take care of herself, suddenly throwing himself at the hunter, let e the course of his terrible fangs. The main thing in this case not to lose, save cool and at the approach of the beast to jump aside: wounded boar-male attacks does not repeat.

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