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Moose hunting

   Most spread hunting for moose battue, surge, hunting moose with huskies. The following are the main features of such a hunt.
   Moose is one of the largest animals. The average live weight of about 200 kg moose, although there are much larger individuals. Food moose in spring and summer - the young shoots and leaves of willow, aspen, ash, birch young; winter - the young shoots of aspen and juniper. Willingly moose - scraped bark of fallen aspen and fleecing the moss from the trees. Winter moose feed mainly in the morning and in the evening dawn. On the daily chart usually lie in the bushes near the willow forest massif. During the summer they feed mainly at night.

    Rut moose occur from 15 September to 10 October. Moose walks a pregnant eight months and in late May - early June brings 1-2 calves.
    There are several options for moose hunting.

1. Battue hunting
    As soon enough be frozen swamps and set the white trail, you can start battue hunting moose.
    Hunter or an experienced ranger leaves on horseback or on skis goes in the hole, where obviously keep moose. Beating moose in a large circle, salaried carefully cuts all the extra space, where there are no moose. Knowledge hunter place where you want to raid - the key to success in the hunt.

    When the final salary cut, hunter, in accordance with the direction of the wind, it is best to "heel" (input following), outlines the place for shooters in such a way that the distance between the numbers did not exceed 80-100 steps. Line numbers should be straight, to avoid an accident while firing at the beast.
The raid carried out as follows. For line numbers, which can be up to ten, on the flanks line goes silent types, ten to fifteen people on each side. At the opposite side of the arrow collocate crowing.
    Placement of rooms, silent ones and shout should be made in compliance with the absolute silence. Smoke on battue hunts impossible, as the sense of smell moose developed very strongly.

When the arrow undecideds and crowing apart, hunter gives the signal and start crowing noise, first quietly talking among themselves. Sometimes it is beneficial (under strict moose) -Inside circle to send one - two experienced ruffs, which start moving with the maturation of animals. At a signal from noise and ruffs begin crowing.
    The role of the silent ones is to scare away from the flanks moose without shouting, movements or strokes
    Instead, silent types, are sometimes used red flags in size 30x50 cm, attached to sticks in 10m of each other.

2. Hunting surge
    As well as for battue hunting, experienced hunter first moose bypasses a large salary, then cut into small circle.
    If the wind allows you to put shooters on the input moose tracks, this place is and will be reliable manhole.
    At the very heel and sides of it with all precautions are placed arrows. Two - three men come to the opposite side and without shouting, talking and occasionally tapping trees, moose touch with day.

    Concerned about the rise and moose, disturb their people get under way quietly out of the range of its trace in the direction of the arrow.
    The success of the hunt depends, of course, entirely on the experience of hunter, able to correctly determine the correct course of moose out of the circle.

    On a clear winter day after the newly-fallen snow that fell during the night in the woods very well. Hunter leaves, which put the number of the hunter. In the forest silence, only troublesome bright red bullfinches, melodic, fly to Aspen. In five steps - the trail passed at dawn in a circle three moose - a cow,  and brought up the rear of the old Rogal. After all, only it is possible to shoot, so the hunter and wondering what it is. Hunter, containing his excitement, looks intently into the bushes vershinki not seem to see where forest beauties on lynx leaving the circle.

3. Hunting stalk
    Unlike passive hunting raid this kind of hunting contains a high element of sports.
    One hunter or an experienced hunter bypasses moose in a circle. Fold moose need not earlier 11 am, as often before that they - feed.
    The circle should be done in such a way so as not to noise moose. To do this, a hunter is on heel and the other is sent to the input trace moose in a circle. I should say that such hunting is usually done only in windy conditions.

    Hunter, determining the direction of the tracks, which is likely to be moose, and leaves a trail, carefully moving forward, trying to see moose at maturation. Here fresh bites aspen, cut the top of a mountain ash and willow, it means that the animals somewhere close. In line with the wind, it should be cautiously and carefully examine all suspicious dark spots.
    The success of such a hunt depends on the skills and hit the arrow, local knowledge and habits of moose. Shoot only be sure that a wounded moose is gone.

    On the daily chart often moose lie in the details - in woodlands, not far from the edge of a large forest blocking the wind,
    If the moose and evict them failed to make a shot, they are likely to pop up on another hunter who remained on the input trace.

4. Hunting with huskies
    It is perhaps the most interesting and exciting
    Manner of work huskies for moose is different. Some work without calculation: just find moose came down to them and jump start their bark. Under such a dog will stand not just a beast. Most often frightened by the sudden swoop dogs, moose break, and then detain them is already much more difficult.

    Other, more experienced, huskies, finding moose appear before them as if by chance, not giving in the first minutes of voice. Ran crowded animals, this dog will jump to them with the head and as if unwillingly give voice. Bull without fear of dogs, rush to throw its mighty blow up. But the dog deftly jumped to the side and burst into a loud incessant barking. If you were to join another husky, the noise will be more and more easily hunter skrast set of moose on the right shot.

    Husky, working on moose, must have high speed and be viscous. The wider the dog goes through the taiga, the better.
    The viscosity of the huskies for moose is amazing. There are cases when the Huskies were in the forest near the beast for about three days.
    For evict moose experienced husky not chasing after him, and tries to complete his run Mahe - swirl. All huskies run for moose in silence until it stops.

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