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Hunting wild boar. How to shoot a wild boar, some questions aiming
It is known that in the General case, for reliable defeat of the game you need to shoot (a fraction corresponding to the numbers) had the necessary energy and hit the vital organs.
For wild boar in the literature (the Internet), you can easily find the information and the drawings, which shows the area of the fatal wounds (e.g., Fig.1). These areas correspond to vital organs of wild boar and identified on the basis of the anatomy of the animal and the existing shooting experience. Always when shooting at a large animal, the hunter must present the anatomical structure of the animal and depending on the situation to determine the optimal aiming point and shooting.
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Very useful tips and advice on shooting a large animal is given in the article Buturlin ( recommend to read S. Buturlin "Where to beat the beast" ).
Where to shoot depends on how the boar against the hunter, the distance from the weapon. A hunter must determine the area of aiming and shooting to kill the boar for sure.
It is believed that one of the best option is to hit the heart area. It appears on the target for training in shooting for wild boar (see for example Fig. 2 - in the heart of the 10). Shooting in the chest is the most appropriate option when the boar is moving perpendicular to the direction of the shot.
In other situations, it may be the neck, brain, spine, etc. it Should be noted that the size of the brain of animals much smaller than the head and therefore, because of the difficulty of getting at a great distance, such shooting is not recommended.
Based on the above article by S. Buturlin, existing experience given in other sources it is possible to speak about some optimum variants of shooting the boar when considered below the selected respective situations:

1. If you move perpendicular to the direction of the shot - as already noted, the region of the heart, the spine, the head (see Fig.1, 2, 5)

2. When driving to the hunter - slightly to the right of the bottom of the neck (the heart), the area of the brain (Fig.3)
3. When removed from the hunter - the spine area, the spine at the base of the skull. This situation occurs most often when hunting from the tower or shooting close-up (top - down) (Fig.4)
target wild boar
Aiming shooting wild boar
Point shoot wild boar
Fatal wounds boar
Point shooting wild boar
It should be stressed that even when hit in the chest in some cases, the boar can move a few dozen meters. Therefore, in critical situations, when there is danger of an attack on a hunter in order to be able to stop the beast it is believed that you need to shoot in the head (brain) or the spinal cord.

In addition to knowledge points reliably defeat a boar no less important is the ability to get to the intended area. This becomes especially difficult when driving a wild boar. The rules and procedures for shooting at a running boar is the same as when shooting other types of moving game - duck, rabbit, etc.
The movement of wild boar necessitates the calculation (evaluation) of the lead. The amount of lead depends on the speed of the boar, the distance from the animal, the velocity of the bullet. The amount of lead should be from a selected point of hitting the boar (mortal wound), for example, from the region of the heart during movement of wild boar perpendicular to the direction of the shot.
For example, consider the shooting at the boar moving perpendicular to the direction of the shot at distance L = 50 m (Fig.5). As an example for comparison, consider the value of pre-emption in this case, when shooting from a carbine "the Tiger" (cartridge 7,62x54r) and a smoothbore gun 12 gauge (for example MP-27). For other types of rifles (such as the popular SKS, etc.) the difference is relatively minor.
In reference books you can easily find the necessary source data for calculation of pre-emption. For example, the rate of departure of the bullet from a carbine "the Tiger" is 771 m/s (at a distance of 50 m - 741 m/s), the rate of departure of the bullet from Grabovogo shotgun 12 gauge in most cases, a standard cartridge is equal to 370 m/s (although there are slightly different values, which may be due to linkage of gunpowder, bullets, etc.) (at a distance of 50 m - 329 m/s). Distance 50 m bullet 7,62x54r passes in 0,07 s, the bullet 12 gauge 0.15 seconds.
It can be noted that the use of the equations of kinematics for uniformly accelerated motion
L = Vot - at2/2,
Vt = Vo - at
(where Vo is the initial velocity, a - acceleration, t - time of flight Vt is the final speed of the bullet)
and the calculation time of a bullet at distance S by using the tables of the variation in the distance often gives a small mismatch shown in the tables the times of flight of the bullet. For example in our case (for L = 50 m) using calculate get time with 0,07 and 0.14 s, respectively.
The maximum speed of a wild boar of about Vb = 10 m/s (40 km/h). During the flight of the bullet, the boar will move through the distance S = Vb t. Carbine will receive a pre-emption Sk = 0.7 m, for shotgun 12 gauge S12 - 1,5(1,4) m (Fig.5). Thus at a distance of 50 m pre-emption on the running boar need to take depending on the speed of a wild boar from 0 to 0.7 m, and for shotgun 12 gauge from 0 to 1.5 m. it is Clear that the larger the distance to the boar, the more amount of lead and the difference in the value of pre-emption when shooting from different weapons.

Wild boar and the hunt for him. Video
Wild boar and the hunt for him. Boar hunting, shooting video
   Fig.5. Hunting boar. Aiming shooting wild boar. Shooting from a rifle and a smoothbore gun
   Fig.4. Aiming and shooting at a fleeing boar
   Fig.3. Hunting wild boar. Aiming and shooting at the oncoming boar
   Fig.2. Standard target for shooting wild boar
   Fig.1. Hunting wild boar. The point of aiming and shooting at the boar
Birch branch
target boar