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In Ukraine hunting for wild boar, deer, elk, wolf, hare, duck, woodcock.
Hunting-fishing economy of Ukraine etc.

One of the most important information for the hunter, there is information about hunting farms - their locations, contact information, terms and the rules of hunting, game species which may also hunt. This we we will post information is taken from open sources about known hunting farms of Ukraine.

In Ukraine. ZORK "Macarotnici" opened the season.
Hunting In Ukraine for duck and wild boar. In a quiet and picturesque town of Novomoskovsk district of Dnepropetrovsk region opened a unique hotel complex. Author inside attire meets the high-level of. You can sit in one with 8 rooms, designed for guests. All rooms are furnished with impeccable taste. They have everything for your comfort. Although the interior is designed in a single Chalet-style, however, they differ in a variety of processing and selection furniture. Room enough space to accommodate guests who want to relax. In our lounge you can sit by the fireplace with a Cup of tea, magazines or a book. The chef of our restaurant, folding menu care about Your health and mood, so you can enjoy only the most delicious and more healthy dishes. Elegant, quiet music and pleasant conversation during the meal, will create a magical mood holiday...

Hunting in Ukraine. Polesie invites!
We invite you to hunt comfortably in one of the beautiful places Polesie!
We offer services in the organization of hunting in Polissya of Ukraine. Ready cooperation with travel and other organizations interested in the development of hunting and fishing tourism. Our company conducts study tours in forestry with accommodation at the base for  beginning hunters and professionals, as well as their families and children. We consult and prepare novice hunters, help the outfit.
Hunting in our area is carried out both individually and collectively. Types animals : Elk, wild Boar, Hare, Fox, Duck, Partridge, Goose, European deer, Beaver...

In Ukraine. Hunting farm "Alliance"
The natural diversity of forests, fields and marshes of our land allows you to offer You hunting for Wild Boar, Deer, European ROE deer, Elk, Wolf, Pheasant, Partridge and Quail. Our guides helps You keep track of the game and to leave her in the forest. To hunt you individually or as a group, with dogs or without them. In hunting area "Alliance" you can use a number of services that will help you in hard work of hunter. Professional staff that thoroughly knows his business, will make Your hunt, the fact that You wanted: pleasure, relaxation and good mood!...

Hunting in Ukraine. In the Kiev region
Hunting ground "Trypillian Hunter" Ltd. invites you to hunt in the Kiev region. We have created all necessary conditions for your pastime in our ground has become an active and exciting holiday. A large number of animals, professional gamekeepers, hunting towers, a full range ...

In Ukraine. Hunting and fishing in Chernihiv area "Vepr"
Specialized hunting "Vepr" (Boar) is looking for yourself hunting groups who wish to spend their leisure time hunting and rest. At the request of our guests we can spend hunting of any complexity and the fishing. Hunts are conducted under the guidance of experienced Rangers, involving teams of beaters with dogs.  "Boar" provides a full range services on organization and holding of hunting, leisure and recreation. In our hunting you can enjoy: hunting boom, individual hunting of the approach of hunting towers, ambush. The presence of
experienced Rangers, head hunting, as well as the presence of radio and car high prihodnosti provides, as a rule, effective the hunt.
At the request of our guests, we will be the Council to arrange a halt nature, which will create a true hunting atmosphere. Our kitchen you will be surprised by the variety of dishes of Ukrainian cuisine and traditional hunting menu. We will be the Council to do your hunting and recreation effective and memorable...

Hunting in Belarus
Republic of Belarus, being in the heart of Europe, stands out from many other European countries the presence of the richest natural resources - water, vegetation and animals. The presence of vast forest and marsh massifs with relatively low development of the person and a limited anthropogenic impact on the unique Belarusian nature contribute to this day the conservation and development of wildlife. Rich fauna, and, hence, stable resources of hunting animals ...
See: Hunting in Belarus, wild boar, moose, elk, wolves, etc., video - Hunting in Belarus, animals

Wild boar hunting in Tunisia
Welcome to the world of hunting wild boar in the forests of Tunisia.

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