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Hunting in Belarus

Hunting tourism in Belarus is very popular among locals and foreign tourists.

Almost virgin woods and forests, the mild European climate creates conditions for a diversity of wildlife and birds.
In Belarus hunting is permitted for deer, deer, wild boars, rabbits, deer, wolves, partridges, geese, ducks, grouse and other animals. And even the handsome man and the symbol of Belarus — the majestic bison, the largest animal of the country!

The country is interesting and attractive for lovers of hunting, because at the moment the total area of hunting grounds is approximately 17 million hectares. True hunters have a place to turn to Belarus. Lovers of hunting tourism the good news is the fact that almost all year round in the country allowed to hunt over 50 species of animals. With these advantages, many foreign hunters and lovers of active tourism each year spend their holidays in this forest area of Europe.
Local and foreign hunters appreciate this kind of tourism in Belarus, as the country is home to many species of animals allowed for hunting. Today, any hunter may obtain a license to one of these game types:

Ambush hunting (wild boar, deer and ROE deer).
Elk hunting during the rut (elk and deer).
Paddock hunting with dogs (moose, ROE deer, deer and wild boar).
Hunting with the approach (beaver, wild boar, ROE deer, elk, and deer).
Hunting towers (hunting only for wild boars and deer).
Hunting krad (deer, wild boar, ROE deer and moose).

Requirements for foreign hunters-tourists in Belarus

On the territory of the Republic Belarus can be hunted under certain rules:

- you should have a permit to carry and possession of a hunting rifle (issued at the place of residence of the hunter-tourist);
- permission to import\export of hunting rifles and suitable ammunition to him, which give employees of internal Affairs of Belarus;
- official permission for the carrying, possession and use of hunting weapons and ammunition intended for him;
- the permit for the hunt.

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