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Shorthair pointer / setter (German shorthaired pointer)
Scottish black setter. Pasang
The Cocker Spaniel
English setter pointer
Hunting dogs. Pointing
Description, brief description, features maintenance and care, behavior on the hunt. Dog breeds - pointing: setter, German shorthaired pointer, German Wirehaired pointer, pointer, Spaniel.

Pointing to. Use when hunting in the field, marsh, upland and waterfowl birds. Pointer / setter looking for hidden game, the counter indicates it to the hunter, and then according to the commandment of the hunter raises his game on the wing. The most important properties lehovich - good flair, highly developed and secured a long breeding hour over the hidden bird. Scouring the countryside and could smell the birds or fresh track, pointer / setter slows down and begins a cautious approach to the game. Working dogs during raziskovanja birds - search, careful, slow approach to bird - pull. A dog with a good pull fits close to the hidden bird. At the front pointer / setter direction of the head and glance tells the hunter that place where hid the bird. Hour can last 5-10 minutes and more. It depends on the behavior of birds and training dogs. After the shot the hunter pointer / setter should stay or go. In any case, we cannot allow the dog rushed for the game and chased her. Pointing to good looking extracted the game, indicating the place where it lies, too resistant. It is not difficult to teach Lugovoy to submit killed the game off the ground and get out of the water.
Widespread breed lehovich dogs : Poynter, English (speckled), Irish (red), Scottish (black) setters and German pointers - haired (German Wirehaired pointer) and Shorthair (German shorthaired pointer). Throw another rock steropodon small dogs Cocker spaniels.
Poynter. Sturdy, slim yet powerful, the height at the withers 65 see the Coat of the breed is short, without undercoat, black, brown and all shades of yellow, solid and peg (solid plain white spots on the muzzle, throat and paws). Head with a pronounced fracture (the transition from forehead to muzzle). Ears, thin, triangular in shape, the ends of the ears are slightly rounded. Eyes dark in tone wool, round, medium in size.
English setter pointer. Sturdy, height at withers to 60 cm, white Coat, white with black,
yellow or dark brown smears, spots, pagename. The coat is long, silky, very long on the lower part of the chest, the back of the legs and the underside of the tail Undercoat is not. The skin is thin, without folds. The head is oval in shape transition from forehead to muzzle is expressed sharply. The ears are long, thin, in the lower part is slightly rounded. Eyes large, round and dark brown. The tail is straight or slightly its sable-like; holding his dog on the level of the back. Typical gait at work is fast creeping gallop.
Scottish black setter. Pasang. Coat long, except the head and front paws, slightly wavy, black, shiny sheen, with bright red red tan, significantly lengthened the lower part of the torso, back of the legs, the ears and the lower part of the tail. The head is massive, slightly rounded, the transition from forehead to muzzle is expressed sharply. The muzzle is broad, almost rectangular. The ears are long, broad, rounded ends, are no creases. Eyes large, rounded, dark. Tail rather short, straight, holding his dog on the level of the back or below. Typical gait at work - a smooth, slow canter. Black setter hardy, it adapts well to different climates and conditions of the hunt. Used for hunting upland birds.

Shorthair pointer / setter (German shorthaired pointer). The coat of this dog breed is short, straight, hard and dense, brown, brown marble, brown-spotted, with spots and no ticking brown gray. The head is wedge-shaped, narrow, slightly convex, the transition from forehead to muzzle is smooth. The muzzle is elongated, often with a slight hump. Ears, not thin, set high, broad at the base, the ends of the wedge-shaped. Eyes oval, with direct eyes, brown (various shades). The tail is set on high. At the age of 5-7 days shorten it by 2/C length (leave b-7 vertebrae). On the move the dog holds its tail above the line of the back, sometimes vertically. Typical gait at work moderately quick and easy canter. Easily accustomed to the flow of the game. Especially used successfully for hunting for upland and waterfowl.
The Cocker Spaniel. Small, but sturdy enough and strong dog. The coat of the breed is long, soft, wavy in places (especially on the ears, neck, lower body and back of the legs), black, brown, red, yellow solid, and peg and tri-color (when peg is often crap). The head is relatively massive, the transition from forehead to muzzle is weakly pronounced. Ears long (ends reach the tip of the nose). Eyes large, rounded, in the tone of coat. Spaniel rack does not. He vypivaet bird shot hunter, looking for the fallen wounded games or extracted bird and takes its owner out of the water and thick bushes.

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