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Peg Russian hound
Russian hound.
Dog breeds. Hound

The hounds. Bred mainly in forest and forest-steppe zones of the European part of the Soviet Union and Siberia. Hound is used for extraction of hares, foxes, raccoon dogs and for hunting the wolf and the deer. Hound hunting of the beast and scaring him or finding hot track, pursue it - drives, while giving voice (bark). When you lose track dog silent. Escaping from the dog, the beast goes in circles. Knowing the area as a preferred destination for the beast to navigate, and focusing on the voice of the dog (gon), hunter occupies a convenient location on the expected course and shoots rising of the beast. From hound requires perseverance and tireless in pursuit of the beast, playfulness, good instincts, an ability not to lose the trail of the beast in all conditions. Hound should drive the beast until then, until it is extracted by the hunter or caught by the dog. Typical gait in the search for the beast (Palase) - gallop and wide lynx, in the persecution of the beast (during the rut) is a fast gallop. Hunt usually with one or two (bow) dogs, rarely with a group of dogs (flock).
Russian hound. The coat is dense, short, scarlet, black-backed and grey with pale yellow or whitish tan, white markings permitted on the chest and legs. Guard hairs from rock direct, hard, the undercoat is thick, soft, lush. The head is wedge-shaped, elongated, elongated muzzle, the transition from forehead to muzzle without a drastic change. Ears, thin, short, triangular in shape, the base of the ears are above the eye line. Eyes dark, slanted eyes . The feet are large with tightly adjacent to each other with your fingers. The fifth digit no. The tail is short, thick base, to the end gradually thins. Carries his dog slightly curved lower back, when excited lifts.

Peg Russian hound. The breed was created by crossing the Russian hound English Fox hound (Foxhound). For a body type similar to Russian hound. Coat of the same nature as the Russian hound, but slightly shorter than, the black and tans, blush (black spots with tan / red tan). Paws and belly are white. Head oblong, fracture blurred. The ears are thin, triangular in shape, on the end rounded, often slightly into the crease. Eyes dark with kosovali the eyes. Tail rather short, thinning to the end, is bent in the form of a horse and is elevated above the back.

Hounds - an ancient group of hunting dogs. They were known in Ancient Egypt in 2500 BC From North Africa, these dogs were in other countries. Ancient Romans and Greeks bred several types of hounds, which differed from each other by growth, shape, color. The Greeks would greatly appreciate such qualities hounds as fast (paralist), the ability for a long time and persistently pursue the beast (viscosity), the voice. The Romans learned from the Greeks hunting with hounds, but it gradually degenerated in their circus spectacle, where the wild animals were hunted in the arenas whole sorami goniometry and Molossian breeds of dogs.

In feudal Europe, hunting with hounds was very popular. In France, for example, to the XVI century hounds reached such perfection that it is not substituted mountainous deer on the other, even if he passed through a flock of their own kind. This testified to the extraordinary flair of these dogs, their toughness and endurance.

The most popular was (and in some countries and still is) par hunting. It is that a pack of hounds on the trail of the beast, giving voice; hunters accompany dogs riding. Beast take from under hounds using bladed weapons. This style works in English and French hounds. With the development of firearms took the dogs, which were slow to bring the beast under the shot of the hunter. For these purposes, used the Beagle, which gave rise to the series of low-speed dog breeds - Dachshund, Basset hounds. They were different and less resentment towards the beast, because by him to take them was not necessary.
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