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Electronic equipment for hunters, heat sensor for hunting.
Thermal imagers for hunting
(Heat sensors for hunting)

We present a short overview of the concepts of the thermal imager, the field of application. Thermal imaging cameras used for hunting, their main characteristics.

Thermal imaging camera - measuring instrument working in the infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum, "transform" in the visible region of the spectrum thermal radiation any object. Objects radiate heat. People, birds, animals are sources of thermal radiation. This radiation is infrared waves, and the infrared camera "sees" them.

Modern multifunctional imaging cameras contain an uncooled matrix, giving the opportunity to obtain and preserve information about the temperature fields of objects. The sensitive element of the camera sensor miniature infrared detectors interprets the signals and turns them into electrical impulses which, after amplification is converted into a video signal. The thermal imager can be used as a device for contactless temperature measurement of remote objects and temperature fields.

Applications of thermal imaging: energy and energy audit, engineering, medicine, construction, petroleum and chemical industry, transport, etc. With a thermal imaging camera can quickly identify the preconditions and the presence of defects in oil and gas pipelines, heating pipelines, water pipelines and electrical connections, thereby to prevent a serious accident. Early detection with thermal imaging camera, temperature anomalies and heat loss, reflecting the invisible threat processes around us, will take action to eliminate the causes of possible accidents at the enterprises. The use of thermal imaging at airports and railway stations as a device for measuring the temperature of a person is much more effective than conventional contact thermographs. Thanks to the high speed non-contact temperature measurements with the infrared camera and the ease of use of the thermal imager, the passenger will not even notice that its temperature measured. The use of a thermal imager with autocompensating temperature allows to determine the elevated temperature of the human body and, following an additional examination, to prevent cross-border movement of sick passengers, now the FLIR with automatic compensation of temperature being generally introduced at airports to detect infected swine flu.

Thermography can be successfully applied for the hunt. Nowadays there are specially designed the design of imagers for hunting. They have high sensitivity, easy to use. The imager measures the intensity of IR radiation throughout the field of view in the direction it is aimed. This greatly facilitates the search of wounded birds without a dog, reduces the risk of a sudden attack a wounded animal.

For example, features quite popular and inexpensive thermal imager for hunting Life Finder -6


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Thermal imagers for hunting
Imager Life Finder -6 (heat detector Game Finder)
Imager Life Finder -6 (Game Finder) - new generation device for hunting.

Life Finder -6 - intended for use by special forces when performing a task on search of people in blockages and other problems, can be used on the hunt to search for the wounded animal.

A new model of thermal imager Life Finder -6 is focused on the professional use of lifeguards, Rangers, hunters. To select the modes and settings of the thermal imager uses a single button , which significantly increases the efficiency of work. Imager Life Finder -6 can be used in the mode of the motion sensor. Laser pointer - which indicates the scanning direction and the direction of the detected object. Using regular earphone is much more effective than reading information by light indicators and requires less concentration from the user. Beep the imager will mark the detection of a new object when searching for a wounded animal or a simple scan of the area. In addition, the use of earpiece in the imager Life Finder -6 allows to obtain more comprehensive information about the detected object compared to the light indicators.

Technical characteristics of the imager:

The sensitivity of the imager Life Finder -6, °C: 0.1
Laser pointer
Modes: Auto / motion Sensor
Adjustments: Gain / Sensitivity
Calibration: Automatic
Display: 10-segment led scale / Audio
Food Life Finder -6: Two AA batteries. At least 15-20 hours of continuous operation at temperature of air +21
Dimensions: 152х38х38 mm
Weight without battery: 180 g
The body Life Finder -6: ABS plastic

Here's a video, obtained with the aid of night vision devices - thermal imaging sights (heat sensor for hunting), etc.

Below video 1: The thermal sight. Thermal Hog Hunt with the NEW ATN ThOR. The company has released a new ATN model ATN ThOR. One of them is used and shows hunting. As you can see in the video, the image quality is very good.
Video 2 - The thermal sight. Thermal Hog Hunting With The Pulsar APEX XD50:
Birch branch
Тепловизор Life Finder -6