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Shotgun MP-133

Shotgun MP-133

Manufacturer country Russia
Modes of fire Single
Cartridge 12/70, 12/76 Magnum, 12/89 Super Magnum
Barrel length (mm) 510 - 750

Shotgun MP-133
MP-133 - repeating shotgun 12 gauge with a movable fore-end, rechargeable by application of muscle power of the shooter. Simply put - a pump-action shotgun. Developed this shotgun was at the Izhevsk mechanical plant, on the basis of models IZH-81 and produced since 2000. The purpose of manufacturing guns was raised to present to the market inexpensive and practical weapons intended for official use by law enforcement agencies and security companies, and private persons in self-defense, sport shooting and hunting.

Self defense with a MP-133.
To arms for the defence always put forward special requirements, because all too often it falls into the hands of people or badly trained, or even made in my entire life just a few shots. And at stake is the life, once it came to shooting to kill. And if tarried with a shot hunting arrows just left without fresh venison, then the delay in the situation of an attack he runs the risk of becoming as dead as the game, which was the more successful hunter.
MP-133, as well as any "pump" classic design, great for defense purposes: it is not difficult for the inexperienced arrow, even in stressful situations, and instructions for emergency use, you can say, firmly driven into the head of Hollywood cliches. When this rifle remains quite safe to handle. Given the low prices and good operational qualities, is really a massive defense weapon that has gained considerable popularity in Russia and abroad. If the shotgun is sold exclusively in self-defense, the most suitable equipment - the maximum short barrel and pistol grip without the stock, but so that the total length of the gun was less than 800 mm, as required by law. The minimum length of the weapon is dictated by the maximum maneuverability, because in the case of all self-defense occurs, as a rule, in the room of the attack on your home (because loaded guns are not on the street to defend themselves from bullies). Here you want a shorter barrel. Pistol grip instead of the stock - is also convenient in such a situation because firstly it increases the same maneuverability, and secondly increase the angles from which you can conduct effective fire.

Design Shotgun MP-133.
Shotgun MP-133 consists of a barrel, receiver box of aluminum alloy, which are detachable trigger mechanism and bolt carrier group, buttstock and/or pistol handle, under-barrel tubular magazine, which is put on a movable fore-end with two rods. These two rods connected to the shutter and, through them, the muscular force of the arrow is implementing a cooldown that reduces backlash. In this regard, MP-133 outperforms its predecessor - the IZH-81, which had only one rod from the forend to the bolt, why the work was not as stable. There is a modification MP-133К, which has a removable magazine box type. The chrome-plated gun barrel with a permanent muzzle narrowing and with interchangeable chokes. Shutter longitudinal sliding, with a common pattern of locking swinging larvae enters the hole on the shank of the trunk. The trigger mechanism is hammer type. The opportunity to shoot with incomplete locking of the shutter eliminated as unlocking before the shot. Fuse push-button type on the trigger guard blocks the trigger.
The Shotgun MP-133 is equipped with a slide stop switch which is placed on the trigger. This not only improves its practical rate of fire, with a joint manipulation of switches and buttons shut shop, which is located on the receiver, it becomes possible quick change of ammunition in the chamber. The razor is used in situations where you need to discharge the chamber, not emptying the store. For example, for the safe transportation of weapons.
An interesting model will work most of the nodes with a semi-auto MP-153 from the same manufacturer. Another feature of the pump-action MP-133 is also possible to easily increase the capacity for several cartridges by installing a special extension of the store, which is sold separately. The change takes a little time and is easily reversible. Capacity thus can be increased from one to four rounds 12/70. In General, the model provides opportunities for tuning, and the owners are very often customize your instance under personal needs and ergonomic features. The most popular improvements was the replacement of the stock or forearm, the addition of a pistol handle, attaching brackets under the collimator and lights. Practical hands frequently turn off shutter delay and use a homemade extension cords shop.
Admittedly, the strengths of guns in its simplicity, reliable performance and great universality in relation to munitions. Of course, there are generic exception: the cartridges into the cartridge case with a length of 89 mm in the version with 76 mm chamber cannot be used, and not calibrated samarut can create difficulties with the extraction, a high probability of bias, nedosypanija or neizvestnie bullet shells. Remains in force and is a rule common to all weapons with a tubular magazine: it is impossible to load shells with a protruding sleeve, pointed bullet, so it does not prick the primer of the next cartridge.
The Shotgun MP-133 excels at shooting and good at firing shot at short and medium distances (but a lot depends on barrel length). And for hunting, and for official use is in demand for his ability to shoot ammunition of a class a Magnum with a case length of 76 mm. It is easy to operate and maintain - partial disassembly of the MP-133 is made without tools, and only to remove USM you need to knock out two pins. Simple design and minimum number of parts minimizes the number of breakdowns.
Disadvantages of MP-133 as hunting weapons common to all ponovitev is frightening animal sounds, which creates a mechanic when recharging, rebalancing as you empty the store, leaving the barrel with the line of sight in the distortion of the forearm. Hunters mark and the accuracy of shotgun cartridges with 70mm cartridge case, which is much worse than the sleeve length is 76mm (Magnum). Forend in the forward position for many owners is beyond a comfortable point, which creates an inconvenience when aiming. Traditionally, the uneven quality of Russian weapons requires careful selection of the instance with the purchase, and may require fine-tuning the shotgun afterwards. The blueing of the barrel and covering the receiver with a high resistance to wear can not boast. And can get the gun with the curve of the sighting bar...

There are many versions of MP-133:
with chamber length 76 mm (Magnum) or 89 mm (Supermagnum);
- with the butt, with the butt and pistol grip only or pistol grip;
- butt may be permanent or collapsible from the normal situation in hand;
- butt, pistol grip and handguard can be made of plastic, walnut, birch or beech;
- with different versions of the forearm;
- with a barrel length of 750, 710, 660, 610, 540 or 510 mm;
- with the sighting plate, which can be vented or solid, or with rifle sights and a whole.The ventilated strip on the trunks of length 510 and 540мм performed only in custom-made guns;
- powered rifle or from a removable box magazine;
- with permanent chokes 0,0 (cylinder); 0.5 (polochak) or 1.0 (full choke) or with replaceable 0,0; 0,25; 0,5; 0,75; 1,0; 1,25 and Parados" (nozzle with rifling for shooting);
Hunting Shotguns MP-133
Modification Shotgun MP-133
MP-133S - unlike in the certification model as service weapons intended for private security companies. Different folding plastic butt of a Kalashnikov and a pistol grip. Allows you to fire when folded.

MP-133К - modification with replaceable single-row box magazine of five rounds. The length of the chamber is only 76mm.

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