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Shotgun Browning Maxus
Shotgun Browning Maxus Composite 12M cal. 12/89
Semiautomatic Browning Maxus Composite this processing model Fusion Evolve. Superior design, ergonomics, functionality, superior technical characteristics. The main qualities of this high speed zasilania cartridge, by optimizing the diameter of the trunk increased the sharpness of the battle and accuracy, there are changes in the venting mechanism by which the gun shoots equally well and light-weight shells and heavier. There are changes in the butt, reduce returns, handguard.
Main features Shotgun Browning Maxus:
Smooth-bore weapons: Semi-automatic
Caliber: 12/89
Barrel: 76 cm
Stock: Synthetic (plastic), color - black
Weight: 3.1 kg
Number of cartridges: 4+1
Store: under-barrel tubular
Sights: rear Sight plank with front sight
Supplementary information: modification of the gun, ideal for hunting in adverse conditions.
Price shotgun Browning Maxus in Russia: 2200 $
Video - Shotgun. Review hunting rifle Browning A5:
Browning (Browning)
Browning B525 HUNTER CLASSIC 28

Country of origin - Belgium
Type of gun - smooth
View - watershed
Number of branches - two (shotgun)
Accommodation trunks - vertical
Number of triggers - one
Caliber -12
Features of the stock - pistol
Butt Material - wood

Browning B525 HUNTER CLASSIC 28, caliber 12/76, stems 71-76 cm, engraving, weight 3.15 kg, set choke 5 Inv: Cyl, 1 / 4,1 / 2,3 / 4.
Browning (BROWNING 525) gun, which has the largest sales. This is the only rifle in its class, which is made by hand. Browning 525 has an extremely high quality, reliability and strength. During the manufacturing process to verify the quality of the node circuit uses a traditional red ocher. This method is the best of all known for a precise fit metal and wooden parts guns.

Key features - The receiver is made from a solid forged steel, circuit area is about three times more than in other systems, rotary axis has a large diameter. All of the above ensures a high wear resistance and durability.

Shock ejectors provide a powerful and reliable ejection of spent cartridges. Bore and chamber are chrome-plated, which provides resistance to corrosion, simplifies the care of a gun.
Production Browning extremely high-end, each gun is adjusted by hand. From mass-produced guns Browning is the only one with this level of production. Block barrel and receiver are adjusted methods of smoking lamp. When installing the butt into the receiver is also used red ocher. Every detail of the gun corresponds to a particular instance and throughout the production process follows. Receiver has a ten-year warranty that is unparalleled.
Shotgun perfectly balanced. It has one trigger with selector. The models for the Sporting trigger adjustment.

Adjustable trigger models for sporting Browning can vary and be fixed in 3 positions. The gun is supplied with a set of original chokes for different types of hunting and lets shoot cartridges loaded with steel shot.
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