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Single-Barrel Self-Loading Hunting Shotguns Bekas Auto and Bekas M Auto

Shotguns Bekas Auto and Bekas M Auto
Manufacturer country Russia
Caliber 12  (18.4 mm)
Modes of fire Single
Cartridge 12/70, 12/76 Magnum
Barrel length (mm) 750
The table above lists the data for modifications Bekas 12M Auto-configuration 02 with a long barrel.

Semi-automatic hunting shotguns and Bekas Auto Bekas M Auto.
Shotgun Bekas M Auto has been created in Vyatsko-Polyansky engineering plant "Molot" in 2002. This gun is not the first among the domestic self-loading rifles with fixed barrel and also is not a new development. This shotgun was created based on already-proven rifle Bekas Auto, which, in turn, was constructed in 1997 on the basis of the shotgun Bekas. The fact that Snipe Auto had some flaws in automation and USM, which was soon rectified, and a new, upgraded rifle received the name of the index M.
Bekas M Auto, like its predecessor the Auto Bekas refers to the classic self-loading smooth-bore hunting guns integrally cast with a tubular magazine under the barrel.
When fired, the energy of the powder gases passing from the barrel bore to the gas chamber drives the gas piston, which is a ring around the store. The piston thrust by driving a shutter, which opens when you roll back needs to extract the cartridge case through the window of the receiver after its interaction with the reflector, grenade shop served the new cartridge on the tray, and the shutter cocking trigger the trigger mechanism of the gun. On the return stroke the bolt picks up the cartridge from the tray and docile it into the chamber. The return spring of the spiral, put on and store compressed gas by the piston during its backward motion.
Locking and unlocking of the trunk takes place by means of swinging larvae located in the gate. The larva enters into the groove in the shank of the barrel, thereby providing a rigid grip. Therefore, in the time of the shooting burden falls on the host, not on the receiver. In the result, the receiver is not required to make steel, material for it is aluminum alloy.
One of the notable advantages of an upgraded version of the Bekas M Auto can be called "smart" port. This provides stabilization of the pressure of the powder gases on the piston during their withdrawal, which occurs automatically, thanks to being in the gas chamber site. This leads to the fact that the shotgun becomes relatively softer, the momentum transferred to the piston stopper, stabiliziruemost, when shooting using a variety of cartridges, whether 12/70 or 12/76 Magnum. This node is assembled into the front end of the magazine tube, resulting in impossible to install extensions that increase its capacity, representing only 4 of the cartridge.
Bekas 12M Auto in a disassembled state:
Auto Bekas, as Bekas M Auto is available in 12 and 16 caliber (currently Bekas Auto is only in the 12th caliber with the cartridge chamber of 76 mm, HPE-201). Bekas 12M Auto (RS-12M) Ц 12-caliber, the cartridge chamber may be 70 or 76 mm, Bekas 16M Auto (RS-16M) Ц 16-caliber, chamber 70 mm.
The shotgun is designed so that it is possible temporary stop of output and chambering of a cartridge Ц a razor. Also on the receiver mounted slide catch. Provides a button-type fuse. On top of the receiver proprietarian base for additional sighting devices.
It is noteworthy that the trigger mechanism is collapsible, and if necessary, it can be easily removed since it is mounted on the detachable base.
To shotgun Bekas M Auto offers 4 types of barrels of different lengths. If you consider the sights, then a short cylindrical barrel length of 535 mm - open rifle front sight and a rear sight that involves shooting a bullet, and other types of guns (a length of 680, 720 and 750 mm) are installed ventilated rib with front sight.
The bed of these rifles made of walnut, the butt usually poliestireno type. Also shotguns can be fitted with a separate pistol grip, which at first were made also from walnut and the butt, but lately the pistol grip Bekas of black plastic with a steeper angle. The butts put rubber zatulinki.
Modification of the shotgun Bekas M Auto different mounted guns, the type of stock (butt stock or pistol grip) and gauges (12 and 16).
Bekas 12M with a Auto trunk 750 mm and a ventilated sighting plank with fly (version 02):
Bekas 12M the same Auto, but with pistol grip:
The most optimal variant Ц fulfillment "05", including the package long barrel 750 mm with ventilated strap, short barrel 535 mm cylindrical drill with front sight and a whole, a hunting buttstock and pistol grip, two removable chalk.
Bekas 12M Auto performed 05:

The advantages of this shotgun include its resistance to corrosion: the Bekas is coated with a special paint, the barrel, piston and gas chamber are chrome-plated. Also applies to positive limits and ease of care of a gun. Bekas Auto is a pretty versatile weapon with the ability to install trunks of different length and configuration factory interchangeable chokes (0,5 "pauchok" and 1.0 "PSCs"), at desire it is possible to buy the extender of the trunk and the individual nozzle, such as rifled Paradox.
The disadvantages obviously include low capacity. Sometimes there are complaints of owners on the mechanics and work on random shots, but not often. Most hunters are happy with this weapon, noting its superiority to "classmate" - Mr-153 production Ismea, although this is a subjective opinion.
A reasonable ratio of price and quality of this semi-automatic rifle is acceptable for the average hunter, because for relatively little money, it gets pretty robust and very well assembled multicharged weapon with good combat and tactical flexibility.

Hunting Shotgun Bekas-Auto video review:
Bekas 12M Car in a disassembled state:
Bekas 12M
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