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Double-barrel hunting shotgun TOZ BM-16
(PASSPORT DATA. Description, manual.)

Hunting double-barreled shotgun TOZ-BM-16 mass production is characterized by the following main data:
- trunks 16 gauge heat-treated, detachable located in a horizontal plane. The barrels have a different choke constriction;
- connecting trunks with the box is through the axis of the hinge barrel hooks, frame lock, cross pin and forearm;
- bed TOZ BM-16 beech or birch, no ledge under his cheek, with straight, pistol or poliestireno shape of the neck;
- handguard detachable with lever latch;
- details of the trigger and impact mechanisms are mounted on separate bases;
- working preload feathers of a fighting spring is cocked by direct external trigger to the firing position;
- to reduce the likelihood of random shots serve as a safety platoons ladyg;
- the casings are pushed out of the chamber by a common ejector;
- the shotgun TOZ BM-16 is suitable for firing smoke and smokeless hunting gunpowder;
- the top rib does not reach the rear end of the shafts 23 to 26 mm and forms a small hook soldered with tin and sailoruranus joint.

Shotgun (rifle) weight, kg 3 to 3.26
A barrel length of mm from 700 to 750
The distance from the center of gravity of the gun to the rear end of the barrels, mm: from 50 to 90
The efforts of the descent of the hammer, kg
right from 1.5 to 2.75 lo
left from 1.75 to 3

The shotgun tested in a closed tyre according to the requirements of the OGPU №319-55 and deemed fit for use.

During the test firing last checked:
a) the strength of each barrel by the pressure of powder gases in the range of 950 ±50 kg/cm2;
6} the strength of the assembled gun with pressure of powder gases in the range of 850±50 kg/cm2
C) the accuracy of the battle rifle at a distance of 35 m at a target with a diameter of 750 mm

According to the technical conditions of the right of the barrel at the target must get at least 45% pellets, and from the left - 55%. From each stola is no more than three shots, and if one of them gave the above hit, the battle of the barrel is satisfactory.

Shotgun TOZ-BM-16, Video:
1. The top rib. 2. Small hook. 3. Ejector. 4. The transverse pin. 5. PEEN. 6. The trigger. 7. Screw the shock mechanisms. 8. The lever lock. 9. The percussion mechanism. 10. Frame locking. 11. Box. 12. The front hook. 13. The axis of the hinge. 14. The fore-end.

To disassemble and assemble the gun should always be in strict sequence whilst observing carefully and without using excessive force and shock.
Getting started razborke must first discharge the shotgun.
Disassembly of the shotgun to produce in the following order:
1. To separate the forearm from the barrels.
2. Take the shotgun with her right hand on the neck of the Lodge, with the thumb lever lock to take to the extreme right. Supporting trunks with his left hand, slowly rotate them down and separate from the box.
3. Remove the screw of the shock mechanisms.
4. Screw screw shock mechanisms on the right side at the base of the right shock mechanism and use it to gently separate the right impactor.
5. Through the hole in the bed for whispered gently push a wooden rod left impactor.
The Assembly of the shock mechanisms in the reverse sequence. When setting the shock mechanisms, the slopes must be filed forward to failure.
Connecting trunks with a box to produce the following sequence:
a) to take the left hand shotguns and hold them between the knees;
b) get into the right hand box, the lever lock to take the thumb to the right and attach the front bottom hook of the barrels in the slot of the box;
c) the middle and ring fingers of the left hand to cover the front of the box, and the palm rests in the upper rib at the rear end of the shafts;
g) left arm turn axis of the hinge to protertia front lower hook and right hand, rotating the box up and down, connect the box with guns.
Note. The Department of percussion mechanisms should be performed only when replacing winter or summer lubricants.
Complete disassembly of the shotgun is carried out in cases of extreme necessity and produced only in a weapons workshop.
Leave screwdrivers used in Assembly and disassembly of the shotgun should be well-made and fit the slots of the screws.
Under the label TOZ-BM shotguns the Tula plant was produced from 1957 to 1960 -th year.
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