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Double-Barrel Hunting Shotguns TOZ-34
They are intended for professional and amateur hunting. The lightweight and compact shotguns TOZ-34 are of positive handling quality. They compare well with high-grade shotguns as they have perfect balance and high accuracy of hits. This shotguns' design is original, simple and inimitable. The model TOZ-34E is provided with an ejector mechanism. Over a million of these shotguns have already been produced in various manufacture versions: ordinary, ornament, individual, souvenir.
*- shotgun weight is approximate, dependant on wood density, used for a stock and a fore-end, and its version
The version of the shotgun with an ejector mechanism is indicated with letter "E" in shotgun designation; with a rubber recoil pad - with letter "R"; Ornament - with letter "O"; Individual - with letter "I", Souvenir - with letter "S".

Hunting Shotguns TOZ-34
Hunting Shotguns TOZ-34. Characteristics of the gun
RUSSIA. Tulsky Oruzheiny Zavod (TOZ)
Double-Barrel Hunting Shotguns TOZ-34. Characteristics of the Hunting Shotguns TOZ-34:

TOZ. Hunting Shotgun TOZ-34 video review:

The shotgun may have some difference from this description due to the further improvement of a design.
In shotguns TOZ-34 and TOZ-34Е used copyright certificates c 241260 and 363854 and modernized to simplify the separation of the trunks from the box shotguns.

Double-barrel hunting shotguns TOZ-34Е and TOZ-34 is designed for shooting in the conditions of commercial and Amateur hunting the standard cartridges and the cartridges equipped in fraction, buckshot and bullets in metallic and non-metallic shells with a length of 70 mm.
When shooting metallic cartridges the accuracy of the battle may be lower accuracy, which is specified in the passport.
Shotgun TOZ-34Е differs from the basic model TOZ-34 with the presence of an ejector mechanism for automatic ejection of fired cases.
Shotguns TOZ-34R, TOZ-34ЕР differ from the corresponding models TOZ-34 and TOZ-34Е the presence of a rubber recoil pad.

5.1. Basic data.
Trunks detachable, located in the vertical plane. The trunks set a shortened connecting rod. The barrels are chromed and have a different choke constriction.
The connection and locking trunks with ring box is hinges and frame lock.
Trigger mechanism with internal hammers and two descents mounted on a separate base.
Front descent is intended for the production of a shot from the bottom of the barrel, the rear of the top.
The cocking Kurkov, working preload combat springs, and shotgun TOZ-34Е and preload of the springs of the ejector mechanism is carried out and the process of opening the trunks.
Guns have pointers cocking Kurkov.
To eliminate random shots are perehvatyvaet trigger and manual safety, locking sear. The safety button, perekinuty forward, corresponds to the position of "fire" back - position "protection".
Extraction of spent cartridges from the cartridge chamber occurs at the opening of the trunks. The shotgun TOZ-34 casings are put forward by the ejector, the rifle TOZ-34Е are ejected with an ejector mechanism.
Shotguns TOZ-34 and TOZ-34Е is provided with a lever mechanism to facilitate disassembly of the shotgun.
A Lodge with a pistol grip neck and with a tap to the right. Foregrip-removable, attached to the barrel by screws.

The interaction of the parts when opening trunks.

The Shotgun TOZ-34 for opening the trunks of the thumb of the right hand move the lever lock to the right until it stops and open the trunks, after which the lever lock release.
When retraction lever right locking lever axle locking outputs the frame from the locking groove barrels. This frame lock its projections press the triggers which release the firing pins. Boiky under the action of their springs press the front plane of the plate.
When opening trunks bevels trunks "in the" act on the cocking levers, which pull the trigger and release the breakpoint.Stop under the action of the spring goes down and locks the frame lock and lever lock in the designated position.
Cocked the trigger squeeze pointers cocking up. Protrusion gauges for charging the surface of the shank of the box indicates that the trigger cocked.
Limitation of rotation of the shafts when opening occurs due to the stop of the cocking levers in the box.
The upper bevels of the box acting on the ejector, pushing it along with the shells.

The rifle TOZ-34Е the interaction of the parts during the opening of the trunks is similar to the interaction of the parts of the Shotgun TOZ-34.
In addition, when opening trunks cocking levers squeeze levers, which in turn rotates and raises the stops up.
Raised stops getting in the way of the movement of projectiles and its projections deter them from further advancement.
Box top bevels are on superchargers, pushing them together with the ejectors.
In its motion superchargers compress the spring. At the end of the opening of the trunks supercharges your bevels are on the tabs stops and remove the stops from engagement with the projectiles, which under the action of the springs strike the ejectors.
Ejectors throw spent cartridge case from the cartridge chamber.
In the case when the hammer is cocked when opening the trunks of the cocking lever rotates freely and does not act on the lever focus under the action of its spring remains in the lower position. The upper bevel box operates on a supercharger, which is jointly drummer passes freely over the stop and the ejector under the action of the drummer gently pushes the cartridge from the chamber.

The interaction of the parts when closing the trunks.
When closing the barrels, the triggers remain on combat platoons.
Trunks turn the cocking levers, which raise the stop. Under the action of the spring 16 is released, the frame lock moves forward and locks up tight trunks, and the locking lever returns to its original position.
Possible small negohot of the locking lever to the initial position. In this case, to ensure full locking barrel, a locking lever must bring hand.

The interaction of parts when you switch the fuse.
When you turn on the fuse, move the safety button to the rear position. The guard overlaps the sear, eliminating the possibility of a shot by accidentally pressing the trigger.

The interaction of components in the production of the shot.
For shooting, move the safety button to the forward position, then aim and press the trigger.
When you press the trigger it catches a tooth leaves the path of movement of the lug the trigger. The sear out of the sear of the trigger and the trigger under action of the mainspring to strike the firing pin.

The interaction of the parts when the intercept triggers.
Intercepting the tooth of the escapement comes into operation when failure of the trigger with cocking without pressing the trigger.
With the disruption with cocking the hammer will strike the firing pin, and will be stopped in the beginning of the movement catches the tooth that stands in the way of movement of the trigger.
The trigger may be on intercepting the tooth of the descent to the partial opening of the gun. The effort of descent increases significantly. In this case, it is recommended to cock the trigger full opening trunks.

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