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Disassembly of the TOZ-34 shotgun:
Disassembly of the TOZ-34 shotgun. How to disassemble TOZ-34

Disassembly of the TOZ-34 shotgun has specific features. Often, guns of this model fail due to non-compliance with the rules of handling them, especially the rules for separating the barrels from the receiver. Considering that the incomplete disassembly of this shotgun is somewhat different in different modifications, going towards the wishes of readers, we publish an article introducing the disassembly of the TOZ-34 shotgun of all modifications.

A feature of the TOZ-34 rifle is that the mechanism for separating the barrels is interlocked with the front trigger. In this version of the gun, for its disassembly, it is necessary (after the production of a smooth trigger release) to press the front trigger and, releasing it, pull the locking lever to the rightmost position until it stops, clearly felt by the hand (photo 1).

When the front trigger is pressed, its stop "a" goes out of the way of the locking frame of the stop "b", which allows it to move to the rear position a slightly longer distance than with the usual opening of the shotgun. During this movement, the bevels of the locking frame "c" rest against the projections of the cocking levers, rotate them around the axis, remove the front ends of the cocking levers "d" from engagement with the bevels of the coupling "e" and press them against the jumper of the box " f ", thereby ensuring the separation of the trunks.

If the locking lever is not brought to the rightmost position, the locking frame does not have the ability to completely remove the front ends of the cocking levers from engagement with the coupling bevels, which may cause them to bend or break during the opening of the barrels.

Disassembly in strict accordance with the operating instructions set out in each rifle passport, as a rule, does not cause difficulties.

The appearance of such a defect as the curvature of the cocking levers is caused by a superficial acquaintance of hunters with the rules of treatment set out in the instruction passport, unqualified consultations of store sellers when selling shotguns.

In order to facilitate incomplete disassembly of the shotgun, a red dot was placed on the shank of the box on a large number of TOZ-34 and TOZ-34E rifles, which was necessary (when removing the locking lever) to determine the moment when the barrels began to turn when they were separated from the receiver (photo 2). This also contributed to the better development of TOZ-34 rifles, especially by novice hunters.

Taking into account the wishes of the hunters, the plant carried out the modernization of the TOZ-34 rifle, as a result of which the production of a gun with a simplified version of disassembly was started. In this variant, the disassembly of the gun is carried out by means of a flag device; the flag is located on the right side of the box (photo 3).

For disassembly, it is necessary after the production of a smooth trigger release - turn the flag down until it stops (photo 4), pull the locking lever to the right and separate the barrels from the box. In this case, the flag with its cylindrical part interacts with the cocking levers and holds the front ends of the cocking levers in the lowest position, removing them from interaction with the corresponding bevels of the coupling (photo 5).

The flag device is designed in such a way that when the barrels are connected to the box, the flag will automatically take a horizontal position, freeing the cocking levers. The automatic return of the flag to the horizontal position is carried out by an L-shaped pusher placed in the locking frame (photo 6).

This disassembly scheme does not require any skills on the part of novice hunters and completely eliminates the possibility of failure of the shotgun when it is improperly disassembled.

Currently, the plant produces all these variants of the shotgun, and the buyer can choose a shotgun with the disassembly option that suits him best.
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Disassembly of the TOZ-34 shotgun