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Merkel hunting rifles
Merkel 2000E
Country of origin - Germany
Gun type - smoothbore
The number of barrels is two (double-barreled)
The location of the barrels is vertical
Number of triggers - one
Caliber - 20, 12
Features butt - semi-pistol
Butt material - wood

Merkel 2000E, double-barreled, vertically positioned shotgun, caliber: 12/76, 20/76, engraving, barrel length 71 cm (caliber 12), 68 cm (caliber 20), chokes: 1/4-1/2 (steel shot), 1/4-3/4, 1/2-1/1, weight 3.1 kg.

   Currently, smoothbore rifles with vertically paired barrels are the most popular among smoothbore hunting weapons in circulation. Such guns can satisfy a wide variety of requests of professional consumers due to the fact that these guns allow the introduction of various design features into them. The Merkel model (Merkel 2000E) is equipped with a modified Anson-Dilley shock mechanism, has a strong Kersten lock, which ensures durability. Merkel smoothbore rifles with vertically paired barrels are equipped with ejectors.

   As standard, it has one trigger without a switch. Two triggers or one trigger with a switch can also be supplied. Elegant arabesques are offered on a gray etched surface, for the basic version of the engraving on the model Merkel 2000E.  There is an additional large selection of different design options. For example, you can put a switchable ejector, if there is a desire for such equipment.
   The undoubted advantage of Merkel rifles (Merkel) is the highest quality of manufacture and reliability.

   One of the latest models of Merkel verticals are models of the series - Merkel 2000E, Merkel 200IE, Merkel 2002E. The shoe of these Merkel guns is reinforced, a steel liner is mounted on the bottom. The insert is lapped to the front surface of the rear barrel hook. A powerful plate is installed in the shield, which can be replaced if necessary (wear, burnout). This solution is very often used in the production of hunting rifles.


Video - Shotgun. Review hunting rifle Merkel 2000E:
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Merkel 2000E