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(USER AND DEVICE HANDLING. Description, manual)

For long-term conservation of the shotguns in good condition condition, observe the following rules for handling them:
I. to shoot with the IZH-54 charges more than the recommended or specified on the original packaging of powder, tal with the same mixture of black powder with smokeless or low smoke.
Not to shoot a bullet with the diameter of the muzzle constriction in order to avoid blow-UPS or exploding barrels.
It is not recommended to shoot a shotgun with one primer without powder, because the products of combustion of the explosive mixture of the caps spoil the barrels.
2. Not to use the cartridges, tightly included in the cartridge chambers - they require more effort when opening and closing shotgun.
3. To open and close the gun IZH-54 need both hands smoothly, avoiding the trunks were falling freely; it is also impossible to abruptly slam the shotgun.
4. Do not click the trigger idle unnecessarily.
5. To prevent blows on the shotgun barrel to avoid dents.
6. Before loading the shotgun be sure to inspect the trunks - if they are not clogged with snow, dirt, forest litter or the remains of a dense grease. To prevent the firing of shotguns with the lowered ends of the stems in the water. Firing the shotgun with clogged channels cause blow-up and even break trunks.

New shotgun, heavily oiled for long term storage, must be cleaned from grease.
1. Pull the forearm latch out, and separate the forend from the barrels.
2. Pushing the locking lever to the right to open the shotgun and separate the trunks.
3. To wipe parts of the shotgun and remove the factory grease from the barrels.
Then collecting the shotgun and pull the trigger if they were armed.

The shotgun IZH-54 may be stored in unsorted and disassembled with separated barrels and forend (in the case), but always in a dry place.
The shotgun should always be cleaned and lightly oiled, particular attention must be paid to the clean and light lubrication of the barrels.
The shotgun is stored with their trigger, avoid planting firing spring.
After each firing it is necessary to clean the barrels and other parts of the shotgun.
Cleaning is carried out at the first halt, and in the winter in a warm room after the shotgun is heated to the temperature of the room. The next day the cleaning should be repeated within 3-4 days after shooting the barrels need to be cleaned with a clean cloth and if the cloth is found to be soot or rust, repeat the cleaning.
For cleaning use a soft, clean rags, hemp, flax tow, cotton tips.
Cleaning material should not be sand and dust.
When a large carbon guns IZH-54 should be washed in hot water, then wipe dry several times, changing the cleaning material to clean and dry.
The barrels of the guns when shooting prone svincovye when using fractions of poor quality. Svintsova is removed with brushes made of soft steel or copper wire or hard bristle screwed onto the cleaning rod and lightly lubricated with shotgun grease.
Cleaned the shotgun should always disassembled (with severed trunks) and the barrels wipe clean from the breech.

Grobovoi a double-barreled hunting rifle IZH-54 is designed for sports and hunting.
Trunks detachable, located in the horizontal plane. The shotgun has a triple locking mechanism implemented by cross bolt and the striker plate.
Unlock the IZH-54 is made by rotation of the lever to the right constipation.
The trigger mechanism is located in the block and on the bottom (larva), which is attached to the Shoe bottom. The strikers made separately from trigger.
Setting triggers on combat platoons is posredstvom hinge and levers-voditeley when opening the shotgun.
Pointers cocking triggers located at the top of the pads.
The shotgun IZH-54 has an automatic fuse. When moving the lever of constipation guard automatically locks the trigger and sear hooks ("fuse").
Before firing the safety button must be moved forward; the trigger hooks and sear freed - trigger mechanism will be in position "Fire".
If the necessity of the shot has disappeared, the movement of the back button again to put the trigger Assembly in the position "on guard".
Guard design allows a smooth descent triggers.
For total you need in a completely open rifle move the safety button in the full forward position and pressing the trigger hooks, to produce a slow closing of the shotgun.
To produce a smooth descent triggers in the presence of the trunks of charged cartridges is not recommended.
The shotgun IZH-54 suitable for firing smoke and smokeless (nitro) powders. The sleeve can be used both metallic and paper. .

A review of the IZH-54 video:

The Assembly parts of the shotgun IZH-54:
1. Trunks with straps
2. Extractor
3. Screw extractor
4. Sling swivel barrel
5. The screw swivels
6. Fly
7. Swivel sear left
8. Swivel whispered right
9. Pin sear
10. Sear left
11. Sear right
12. Spring whispered
13. Index
14. Spring and firing pin pointer
15. Leash pointer
16. Axis whispered
17. The trigger
18. The limiter
19. Spring combat
20. Axis Kurkov
21. PEEN
22. Bushing firing pin
23. A screw locking
24. The axis of the lever voditelja
25. A screw locking
26. The lever voditelja left
27. The lever voditelja right
28. Clip the trigger
29. Screw bracket trigger
30. The larva
31. Descent right
32. The descent left
33. Screw the larvae
34. Spring switch
35. Screw spring switch
36. Switch
37. Castle guard
38. Screw the tail back
39. The axis of the switch and hook the trigger
40. Screw the tail front
41. Pin lock guard
42. Engine guard
43. Button
44. Pin button
45. Plug
46. Strap locking
47. The axis of the hinge
48. Pin pin
49. The Bolt Griner
50. Lever screw constipation
51. Arm straps locking
52. Spring locking strap
53. Screw locking strap
54. Ring lever
55. Arm constipation

The Assembly parts of the shotgun IZH-54
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