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Single-Barrel Self-Loading Hunting Shotguns MTs 21-12
They are intended for professional and amateur hunting. This is the first and the only model of a self-loading shotgun MTs-21-12 with a movable barrel, made in Russia. More than 300 thousand shotguns have been produced. Application of choke tubes to the model MTs 21-12MR makes it exceptionally universal for all kinds of hunting. The shotgun model is manufactured both in standard and souvenir versions. At a customer's request the gun can be completed with an extra choke tube "Paradox" as well as with a limiter of capacity cartridges in magazine for 2 loads.

* - choke tubes not included
The version of the shotgun with a rubber recoil pad is indicated with letter "R" in shotgun designation; the version completed with choke tubes is indicated with letter "M".


TOZ. Hunting Shotgun MTs 21-12 video review:
Hunting Shotguns MC 21-12
Hunting Shotguns MC 21-12. Characteristics of the gun
Characteristics of the Hunting Shotguns MTs 21-12 (MC-21-12):
RUSSIA. Tulsky Oruzheiny Zavod
Single-Barrel Self-Loading Hunting Shotguns MTs 21-12

Shotgun MTs 21-12 may have some difference from this description by further improving the design.
The design of the shotgun used in the present invention, copyright certificates No. 212790, 212792, and 219416.

Single-barrel hunting shotgun MTs 21-12 semi-automatic and its modifications are designed for commercial and Amateur hunting in all microclimatic areas, except for areas with humid tropical climate.
Used for shooting a standard hunting cartridges 12 gauge non-metallic cartridge case with a length of 70 mm. Shotgun MTs 21-12 comes with chokes 0.75 or 1.0 mm.
Shotgun MTs 21-12M differs from shotguns MTs 21-12 by the presence of changeable muzzle attachments.

Basic data MTs 21-12.
The detachable barrel is movable, is connected to the box by means of the guide ribs and coupling.
The bore is chrome-plated .
Shutter sliding, locking of the cartridge in the chamber is located in the core of the shutter is combat focused, which is included in the hole of the shank of the barrel.
The trigger mechanism is mounted on a separate base and allows only single shots.
Shop tubular underbarrel.
Foregrip removable, mounted on the body shop cap forearm.
Bed with a pistol to the neck, with the tab under the cheek and a tap of the right.
The shotgun is fitted with a safety catch, which prevents accidental shots in a vertical arrangement, the red dot is closed.
Automatic shotgun based on the principle of using a long stroke of the barrel back under the action of the powder gases.
In the process of firing feeding of the cartridge into the chamber occurs automatically as the slide moves to the extreme forward position.
Working preload the mainspring and the cocking is performed by the shutter when it moves back.
Extraction and reflection of the liner occurs at movement of the trunk in the front position.
To disable store features razor cartridges that overlaps the exit of the cartridge from the store, if it is turned counterclockwise the knurled head forward.
Assembly units n parts of the shotgun shown.

The mechanisms of the shotgun and operating guidelines MTs 21-12.
Before loading the gun MTs 21-12:
(a) with the control sleeve, attached to the shotgun, check the ammo. Each cartridge should be free to enter the control sleeve and not to be the end of the bottom of the sleeve relative to the sleeve. If Agron not included in the control sleeve, precelebrate it runs the ring and re-check the control sleeve;

For loading the shotgun: a rapid movement of the hands pull the breech in its rearmost position (Fig.4) whereby the trigger will be on cocked and the shutter stop lever on the feeder; put through a window covers the cartridge in the chamber (Fig. 5) and click on the latches. The shutter under the action of a return spring moves to the extreme forward position, and is located in the core of the combat focus shutter will enter into the hole of the shank of the barrel. The barrel channel will thus be securely closed by the shutter, press again the release button and sinking feeder until it stops, release the button.

The insertion of the cartridge into the chamber MTs 21-12.
Complete store of ammunition through the bottom of the dialog box (Fig.6), click the button latches, while the feeder under the action of its spring, will occupy the lowest position

Before the shot box fuse position horizontally (turn clockwise). The position specified for the fuse located on the right side of the box. The shot hit the trigger.
At the moment of shot under the action of the powder gases in the barrel and the shutter will start to move back. The barrel of his ledge release the left stop, and he wydah of groove box.

Cartridge located in the magazine and moving back along the barrel and bolt, delayed the left stop.
The next moment, the tabs of the barrel and the shutter will release right stop of the cartridge. The barrel and slide continue back out. In the extreme rear position, the shutter is held down the lever of the feeder and the trunk under the action of its spring, moving forward, reflects the discharged shell through the side window cover: ledge of the trunk, pushing the left stop, utaplivaet it into the slot of the box.
Released the cartridge under the action of the spring store is moving to the feeder, pressing the rim of the sleeve latch feeder, whereby the shutter is released, which begins to move forward. The feeder rotates and lifts the cartridge, and moving forward, the shutter sends a raised cartridge into the chamber. The following cartridge is retained in the store right by the stop of the cartridge.
At the approach of the shutter to its forward position, it presses the right stop of the cartridge, and released the cartridge under the action of the spring store is moving back to the limiter of the cartridge in the bolt.
In the process of the shot, the motion of the shutter in the rear polocaine, the trigger will rotate the axis down. Combat "a" and razoshelsya "b" traction of the trigger will be this time under the appropriate claws lowering and disconnector.
In the next moment, peremeshaem shutter in the front position razoshelsya hook trigger snaps Il corresponding hook of the disconnector. To be able to make the next shot, it is necessary to release the escapement 59. The descent under the action of the spring rotates on its axis, and the trigger under action of the mainspring will jump to the hook of the disconnector hook on a combat descent.
The shotgun is ready for the next shot.
After firing the shotgun will discharge.
For this place the descent to the fuse, depress the feeder and while pressing the limiter of the cartridge and the cartridge, alternately, remove the cartridges from the store.

To extract cartridge in the cartridge chamber, the bolt pull back. Holding the shutter by hand, gaslite it in the front position, then again pull back. Making sure that the cartridge in the chamber peg, return the paddle in the forward position.
But if the shooting time you need to replace a cartridge in the chamber, put the descent on the fuse, unplug the store a razor cartridge, pull the bolt back by the handle, remove the cartridge and put a new one in the chamber. Shutter dslite forward.
Enable the feeding of cartridges from the store, turning the blade.
Before the shot box fuse position horizontally.

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